The complete list of our tech talks

See the complete list of available presentations from our weekly tech talks!

Every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. our team gathers in a conference room to participate in a presentation prepared by one of us. The topic of the speech can concern tech (IT, project management) and soft skills (work culture, communication).


We explain our idea in this post: Our work culture: weekly tech talks.

For a video of each talk, please click on the title below: 

1. Reactive programming – Jakub Włodaczyk 

2. Meta catch-ups – Łukasz Karwacki

3. Foundations of Foundation 6 – Jakub Włodaczyk 

4. Our work culture – Łukasz Karwacki

5. Interruptions at the team level – Łukasz Karwacki

6. Creating value for customers – Łukasz Karwacki

7. Design focused development – Przemek Lewandowski  

8. Going remote!

9. Main rules of web design – Dawid Domański 

10. Visitors tracking tools – Konrad Hałas

11. Quick guide to virtualization – Szymon Teżewski

12. Flat Design – Dawid Domański

13. Tmux and screen inception 

14. Aircraft spotting – Konrad Hałas

15. Scrum and XP from the Trenches – Przemek Lewandowski

16. Semantic HTML – Szymon Teżewski

17. The art of writing emails – Łukasz Karwacki 

18. Introduction to ReactJS – Comparison to AngularJS 2 – Robert Piękoś (pl)

19. DVCS Workflows for Teams – Bartek Rychlicki


20. Swift – Krzysztof Skarupa

21. Django ORM – Marcin Markiewicz

22. How to justify your recommendation – Łukasz Karwacki