A case study of Playful Bee

How technology can support
child’s development

Playfulbee.com is an application for parents providing a curated curriculum for child's development and early education. It consists of a library of educational media, daily pieces of advice relevant to kids’ age and a set of educational games.


Ryan and Yvette set out on a mission to help parents raise and develop their children by providing them with access to high quality educational content, personalised tips and tools to track child’s progress. They needed a MVP application to test their concept on the market.


The project started in 2013 and since then there were three main phases of the project, each requiring a bit different set of services and approach:

We continue our involvement in the project and are looking forward to announcing more exciting news as we reach next milestones.

"As co-founders with limited resources and non-technical backgrounds, we spend a tremendous amount of time researching potential development partners. We were very fortunate to discover and select Sunscrapers. They have been tremendous partners in helping us maximize our development dollars to build a solid beta product. We are very satisfied with the work that the Sunscrapers team have delivered. They have been professional and transparent with all business dealings. Furthermore, the team was helpful with counsel on ways to design efficiently, stretch development funds, and prioritize efforts. Any startup seeking additional development support should strongly consider Sunscrapers as their partner."
Yvette Hwee - founder, Playfulbee.com

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