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We are an experienced team of developers who provide leaders with technical expertise tailored to support their business objectives.


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Our mission.

We believe that in order to survive, businesses need to learn how to take advantage of technology for solving problems, automating processes, and driving business growth.

We aim to empower visionary leaders and help them in responding to the evolving customer needs, keeping up with dynamic market changes, and driving innovation in their industries.

Our values.

Technology has a

We believe technology is more than art; it has a real impact on the world we live in. We’re not only obsessed about clean code - but also provide our partners with guidance to help disrupt their industries.


We take pride in our skills, always looking for opportunities to experiment, learn, and improve our process. We cultivate the spirit of learning with our weekly tech talks, company library, and a dedicated training budget.

the community

Software development wouldn’t be the same without its active community of passionate coders. We give back by sharing our knowledge with others, organizing events, and contributing to open source projects.

Here are some examples of our open source projects.


Our library for implementing login mechanisms, user account setup and management from the REST API level (using Django REST Framework).



Django Extended Tests provides helpers for easy testing of Django apps: easy unit testing of Django views, useful assertions provided as mixin classes, and smooth integration with Django REST Framework aut hentication mechanism.


we fuel great digital brands

Our magic recipe.

According to our clients, these are the 3 things that make us unique:

Our leadership.

Lucas Karwacki

Łukasz Karwacki

Co-founder and CEO

For the last 10 years, I’ve managed, supervised, and consulted in 100+ projects for startups, SMBs, and enterprises across different industries. I know what it takes for a business to succeed.
Przemek Lewandowski

Przemek Lewandowski

Co-founder and CTO

At Sunscrapers, my main job is supervising quality service delivery and helping our development teams grow. You’ll often find me speaking at industry events and workshops.
Kamil Sabatowski

Kamil Sabatowski


Understanding the role technology plays in an organization is the first step to creating products that disrupt industries.

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