4 Tips How to Find Work-Life Balance

work-life balance

A work-life balance might sound like a worn out concept. Visit any modern bookstore and you’ll see its shelves bending under the weight of self-help guides about it. So why are we so obsessed with work-life balance? It’s a human thing to take some rest, relax and recharge our batteries. But some people struggle with blending work with private life, especially if they are hardworking perfectionists. Does this description hit close to home? Well, here are a few principles that you should find useful in your pursuit of work-life balance!

Time management is the key

Everyone has a tight schedule nowadays, so achieving work-life balance might seem harder than ever. That’s where good time-management skills come in handy: they can help you do more in less time. This means being more organised and less stressed at work, but also having more time to enjoy your private live. To give an example, many people find that reducing the number of choices they face daily improves their time-management. Minimalism in wardrobe or doing regular food prep can free up a lot of your time (and money) every day! Indeed, psychologists agree that having too much choice can leave you bewildered and depressed. So how do you go about managing your time more efficiently? We’ve gathered a few handy tips in here: How to Plan Your Day Like a Genius.

Prioritise the right things

Remember that consistently working long hours doesn’t make you a better employee! On the contrary: it negatively affects not only your health, but also your productivity. Not to mention that the quality of your work usually takes a hit if you find yourself unable to properly rest. The idea here is not to shirk your responsibilities, but to correctly prioritise them. Spend more time on the tasks that are crucial in your current project and less on those that can wait. You can find more tips on how to increase your productivity here: 6 Tips to be More Productive Every Day.

Enjoy life outside work!


Your career might be your main focus and a source of great pride and joy. But you must remember that there is so much more to life than just work. Family, friends, hobbies, sports, entertainment… Life is beautiful outside the office! You’d be surprised how many activities are there you haven’t tried yet that you would love! It’s up to you to find something you enjoy doing and stick with it. The key is to find more time to do it. Try scheduling a dinner with friends, taking your partner out on a date or putting on your favourite pair of sneakers and going for a jog.

Monday haters

Does the feeling of waking up on a Monday morning and feeling miserable ring a bell? Perhaps you go a step further and even have a t-shirt or a Facebook cover photo proudly stating that you hate Mondays? Well, we believe that if you do hate Mondays that much, the chances are your current job just doesn’t fit you. There may be many reasons for that. It might not suit your skills and personality, it might be too menial and receptive, the work environment might be toxic. Either way, if you’re experiencing professional burnout and struggling to find work-life balance… it might be worth it to try to change your job. Simple, isn’t it?


More and more employers are really interested in helping their employees find the right work-life balance. But it’s all up to you to find it! You’re the one that have to clearly differentiate between your professional and private life. Let’s start by putting your smartphone aside and enjoying simple things! 🙂

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