Why Pair Programming is Good For You?


Some developers believe pair programming to be one of the most helpful things in their job. Others claim that it is rather inexplicable and unreasonable concept. We think that pair programming can do wonders! Read our list if you’re thinking why pair programming is good for you.

Different point of view

Have you ever get stuck with an exceptionally difficult parts of your code that even your rubber duck couldn’t help you with? Well, pair programming gives you the possibility to look at your problem from a different perspective. A coding partner can quickly come up with a solution, so you won’t waste your time on fruitless thinking. Not to mention, coding with someone helps to increase your productivity and engages creative approach.

Simple mistakes

Small mistakes in a code are a normal thing, but they can be so annoying and time-consuming. One little error is sometimes difficult to spot if you have to scan your whole work all by yourself. Your coding partner can be a rescue to your frustrations! A second pair of eyes notices mistakes in a code the moment they are made. It is a real lifesaver for your time, not to mention your eyes! 🙂 

Fast learning

Everyone who taught a new language or introduced new team members into a project, knows it can be difficult and time-consuming. Pair programming is a remedy – it allows you not only to teach, but also to learn fast! Onboarding new colleagues is way easier. They accommodate faster while working with more skillful developers. Also, pair programming makes implementing new features more approachable and smooth.

Impostor syndrome killer

We’ve mentioned how to fight your negative self-esteem in our previous post: 5 Ways to Fight the Impostor Syndrome. Pair programming is one of the methods that works wonders for fighting impostor syndrome. You are less likely to make mistakes, which results in a higher quality code. Sometimes your partner can be a teacher for you. Another time you can contribute with your expertise. The important part here is that you feel better, stronger and more confident as a developer.

Soft skills

We believe that soft skills are really important in a developer’s work. Coping with tough situations under the pressure of time or getting along with new clients can be difficult. You can be the most talented person in the world, sure! But work can be hard for you if you don’t know how to deal with others or react to unexpected delays. Pair programming comes to the rescue for everyone dealing with social or communicational problems. Coding with a partner can be a great opportunity to learn some techniques how to cooperate and communicate with others. It lets you acquire some interpersonal skills, making your attitude more positive and flexible. You are becoming a better teammate and a better developer!


At Sunscrapers we are trying to participate in pair programming as much as we can. It’s easy – we’re just grabbing a partner, preparing a nice spot somewhere in the office and letting it roll. Although we are aware that pair programming is not for everyone and it depends on personal preference. If it’s not for you – that’s cool! Just be sure that you’re doing code reviews with your team regularly 😉

Paulina Czajkowska Paulina Czajkowska


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