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ReactJS – Comparison to AngularJS 2 (PL)

Watch Robert’s recent presentation about Angular2 framework and ReactJS library. This presentation is a part of Sunscrapers’ weekly talks. Slides available here:


Jun, 2016



PWA (Progressive Web App) – pierwsze kroki

Skrót PWA (Progressive Web App) od roku 2015 pojawia się coraz częściej na konferencjach związanych z technologiami web i mobile. Szczególnie na tych organizowanych przez Google’a. Czym […]
Przemek Suchodolski

Jun, 2017

Software development

The Ultimate Tutorial for Django REST Framework: CRUD (Part 1)

Joining a project that uses Django REST Framework (DRF) is often stressful because of things like spaghetti code or antipatterns. I encounter the problem so often that […]
Dominik Kozaczko

Jul, 2018

Project management

Agile vs. waterfall – what’s better for my business?

For many years, the IT market was based on waterfall approach to software development projects. Then, more than 15 years ago, the agile methodology entered the scene […]
Paulina Czajkowska

Jan, 2017

Django business logic


Where to Put Business Logic in Django

In this post, I wanted to talk about an idea about a different approach to organizing business logic code in Django Projects that I’ve been toying with […]
Michał Nakoneczny

Nov, 2017

Software development

The Ultimate Tutorial for Django REST Framework: Login and...

In the previous article in this series, I showed you how to prepare an API that implements basic CRUD on objects quickly. This time, I’ll show you […]
Dominik Kozaczko

Aug, 2018

Single Responsibility Principle in React applications


Single Responsibility Principle in React applications – Part 1

In my work as a front-end developer, I often encounter single methods, classes, and React components doing way too much. These blocks of code are typically long, […]
Jacek Mikrut

Sep, 2018


Setting up HTTPS on Nginx with Certbot and Letsencrypt

Security of our applications is nearly as important as the business logic. As software developers we are completely aware of it. That’s why we follow all the […]
Krzysztof Skarupa

Aug, 2017

Python Natural Language Processing (NLP) libraries


6 best Python Natural Language Processing (NLP) libraries

Natural language processing (NLP) is a field located at the intersection of data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that – when boiled down to the basics – […]
Dominik Kozaczko

Jun, 2018

web development workflow

Project management

Here’s What a Typical Web Development Workflow Looks Like

Are you planning to partner with a developer shop to build an app? It’s smart to enter this partnership equipped with knowledge about industry standards and best […]
Lucas Karwacki

Dec, 2017

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