Working Time: Our Simple Philosophy

working time

Working time and productivity are widely disputed subjects. What’s more important – the amount of time spent on something or visible work results? We’ve tried to answer those questions at Sunscrapers. That’s why we’ve created a work system that functions perfectly in our company.

Semi-flexible working hours policy

Flexible working hours come with some advantages and disadvantages. We know that they increase employee’s morale and productivity, but measuring employee’s performance might be difficult. That’s why we gave our team some autonomy on their timesheets. Most of their working hours should fall in a 9AM – 5PM local time slot. Flexible working hours make our lives easier now. For example, catching up with clients from different timezones is easy as pie. We are simply choosing an hour throughout the day that suits both sides. Also, handling personal matters during the day is not an issue anymore – they are simply not included in the working time.

We strongly believe in a team spirit, but we also respect individual preferences in working hours. Some teammates are early-birds and they are working from 7-8 AM! Others prefer to start and finish their work routine later. It depends on a person, but everyone tries to find out what schedule works best for their productivity. We’ve mentioned how famous people planned their days in our previous post ‘How to Plan Your Day Like a Genius’.

Time tracking software

We use Harvest – the timer to keep track of our work in the real time. It’s a small but incredibly helpful tool, not an authoritarian breath of the supervisor. Our clients know how much time was spent on their projects, so it’s easier to keep track of all billings. For us it’s easier to manage flexible working hours and remote work. What’s also really important is that everyone can analyze their working time to improve their productivity.

Remote work

Few people from our team are not in our office on a daily basis – they work remotely from different Polish cities. Some companies struggle with remote employees, but we are skillful in managing our remote cooperation! Not only our colleagues from Poznań, Szczecin or Kraków are “remotes” but also Warsaw based teammates from time to time. Thanks to the remote solution we can for example work from home if we have a minor flu. Our productivity is still high in such case and we’re not risking getting more ill or infecting our colleagues. While working remotely, Harvest is particularly useful for tracking working hours. Also Slack – the instant messenger, can do wonders! Real time messaging certainly bridges the distance between colleagues and clients.


We’re really excited to share our work routine with you. Transparency and simplicity of those guidelines makes our work easier. We manage our time in a more deliberate way, so we are simply better versions of ourselves. Tada!


Paulina Czajkowska Paulina Czajkowska


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