A case study of Algarve Wall

How to empower local businesses

Algarve Wall is an online directory of businesses in Algarve, Portugal. Company profiles are published on a monthly subscription basis and payments are handled by Stripe.


Tomasz Klimczak is a real estate investor and a frequent visitor to Algarve. He appreciated Algarve’s unique character, picturesque landscapes, and the richness of tourist attractions that enchanted thousands of tourist every year. At the same time, Tomasz noticed that the business sphere of Algarve was lagging behind with no central strategy of promoting the region to the outside world and quite old fashioned means of advertising individual businesses through newspaper and storefront ads. He decided to build a hub that would gather all businesses online for the convenience of locals and tourists.


The project followed a very disciplined 4-week process that allowed us to deliver high quality product in a rapid timeframe:

Week #1: We started off by defining a goal for our MVP application and deciding whether we should focus on locations, events or adverts in the first place. We’ve picked locations and businesses as we saw them central to all other activities and happenings.

Week #2: Having finalised the scope we proceeded to the visual phase. We’ve brainstormed over a name, designed an identity and completed wireframes and a graphic theme for the application.

Week #3 was a week of development - having the business plan and graphic designs in place we started with tech work to make all artwork come to life in an interactive, online form. We’ve integrated a payment gateway (Stripe) to enable revenue generation from day 1.

Week #4 consisted of continued development, refinements and deployment process - all leading to making the app public at the end of the process.


4 weeks 

project duration


project budget


subscribed companies within 2 weeks after launch

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