A case study of Buy for Business

How to simplify a complex buying process

Buyforbusiness.co.uk is a marketplace for sellers and buyers of professional goods and services. It helps to find a perfect supplier and provides buyer’s guides, discussion board and a blog.


Andrew Arthur is a sales professional and consultant who spent many years in the office supplies industry and therefore was able to notice its weak spots. He realised how complicated and time consuming it is for professional buyers to understand a given area of products or services and make an informed choice about the most suitable solution and supplier for their business. One day, Andrew decided to build a web platform that would make the buying process easier and more comprehensible.


We took a lean startup approach to build this MVP application for Andrew. We’ve started off with a detailed discussion about the market, project goals and desired functionality. We then prepared a functional specification, helped to clarify features and priorities, suggested appropriate solutions and finally created the backlog representing project’s scope. We broke the project down into 2-week sprints, each focusing on a separate area of the platform:

Sprint #1 - Project initialisation and search functionality

Sprint #2 - User account, seller profile and short list functionality

Sprint #3 - Buyers guides and seller review process

Sprint #4 - Discussion board and ‘request the quote’ functionality

Sprint #5 - Payments integration and production environment setup

Sprint #6 - Improvements and refinements

Although we’ve decided to start with one vertical i.e. photocopier solution providers from the UK, we’ve designed a versatile system capable of handling more industries and countries at a later stage. Our goal was to provide users with the full “Buy for Business” experience: educational content and community forums on one hand and supplier directory, search engine and quotation mechanism on the other.

"My experience of Sunscrapers was very good, I feel I got good value for money and a high quality product. Communication was excellent with all the team able to understand and interpret my requirements and feedback to me in a clear and concise way. I would definitely work with them again and I would recommend them to my friends and associates."


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