A case study of DayBees

How to put 30 million events in your pocket

Daybees is a search engine aggregating millions of events happening in the UK. It comes with a web, iOS and Android app.


The founder of Daybees was frustrated by the difficulty of finding interesting and comprehensive event information. He envisioned an application aggregating every event, in every category and location - not just mainstream ticketed events happening in major cities. It wasn’t just about finding events but also being able to make use of them through the Daybees calendar. Adding, editing and sharing events, buying tickets, getting maps, avoiding clashes and finding out what else is on around another event: Daybees was about building events around one’s life and sharing the calendar with work or family.


Our job was to build a web, Android and iOS apps running on a common infrastructure and covering 90% of events happening in the UK. On top of it there would be functionality that helps users find relevant event information and organize it in a useful way. 

We were faced with many technical challenges related to building such an ambitious system with the following key areas requiring an appropriate solution:


The project took off with a comprehensive research about client’s needs, market and competitive landscape, suitable solutions and approaches and the existing application prototype. 

After initial planning the team made the following strategic decisions:

The next step was to gather two teams responsible for different areas of the system:

  1. Design and development team composed of a CTO, designer and five developers - focused on building web and mobile apps with all their features,
  2. Crawler team composed of four crawler engineers and a moderator - focused on building and maintaining a high-quality database of event data.

Both teams were working closely together for over a year to build, maintain and grow Daybees. After the launch three apps were running on the following infrastructure:




most popular free app in the UK AppStore (Jan ‘14)


raised funding from a private investor


events in the database


URLs crawled by 2,085 crawlers


people in the dedicated Daybees team


crawled event locations

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