Data science engineering.

We realize data science is no walk in the park. Our team of developers has all the skills and experience required to tackle the most demanding data science projects.

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Here's how we do data science.


We combine data science skills with engineering by applying software craftsmanship principles. That means we implement clean code, static code analysis and automated tests, code reviews, and other best practices.

Iterative and evolutionary process

We start with improving data quality, only to move on to improving algorithms and dedicating time to experimentation with alternative methods before delivering your solution.


From building infrastructure and data pipes, through ETL processes and task scheduling, to API design and integration of predictive models with end user systems - we've got you covered.

We follow two principles in our data science projects:

  • improving data quality improves the end results,
  • choosing the right metrics paves the way to developing the best solutions.

You can count on our expertise at every stage of the process: data collection, data processing and the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process, data cleaning and structuring unstructured data, data analysis (including visualisation) and building predictive models on the top of data.


Data science is a broad area so we handpicked a few disciplines that we believe have most potential in business applications - we’re just passionate about them!

Analytics and visualizations

Let your organization benefit from quality data visualization and analytics.

Crawlers and aggregations

Unlock the potential of data hidden in vast repositories.


We equip our solutions with powerful and functional search engines.


Take advantage of a cutting-edge technology everyone’s talking about.

Natural Language Processing

Analyze massive amounts of textual content with a few clicks.

Computer vision and image recognition

Benefit from computer vision solutions to get a better grasp of your data.

Recommendation systems

Help your customers find what they need with automatically generated recommendations.


Make your development team more productive with our tools.


Here are the technologies we swear by when developing data science projects for our partners. Our team members are constantly learning new things so expect this list to grow quickly.

Have a look at our blog to learn more about our knowledge-sharing initiatives.



Building an AI-powered recommendation app for a Polish startup.

Letme is a web-based platform that helps users find games, electronics, and travel opportunities thanks to a sophisticated recommendation engine that builds on artificial intelligence (AI).

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