JavaScript development.

The speed, performance, and versatility of JavaScript help us deliver solutions that match the vision of our partners and support their business goals.

Why JavaScript?

They say JavaScript is eating the world. We couldn’t agree more; JavaScript is all over the place, powering online platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Netflix. Since most internet browsers support JavaScript, the language is an essential tool in the a web developer’s arsenal.

There are many reasons why JavaScript is the most popular language today. Its amazing speed, ease of use, and sheer versatility are just the tip of the iceberg.

But what sparked our interest in JavaScript (which later developed into a full-blown passion!) was its cross-platform nature that allows delivering interactive and user-friendly apps from desktop browsers to mobile devices

Key benefits of JavaScript.

Incredible speed

JavaScript keeps communication with servers to a minimum, boosting application performance like no other language.

Clean code

Since code is interpreted line by line, errors are indicated together with line number. It takes developers no time to find and correct them.

Universality at frontend

It doesn’t matter whether you use Java, PHP, or Python as your backend technology - you can be sure that JavaScript will provide you with a rich and functional frontend.

Quality at backend

The Javascript framework Node.js paves the way toward the application of JavaScript on the backend with some really amazing results.

New data-interchange format

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is used to exchange data between a browser and a server, accessible to humans and machines alike - and on its way to becoming an alternative to the Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Mature community

JavaScript is currently the most popular language in the world so you can only imagine how much support and learning developers can get from this rich community.

Our way.

Well-crafted design interfaces are at the heart of our team. Since the beginning of our company, we have been chasing JavaScript libraries and best practices for delivering fantastic user experience efficiently. We went all the way from tools like jQuery, Backbone, and AngularJS to arrive at innovative technologies like React and Vue. Because of that experience, choosing the best tools for projects is built into our approach.

Best tools and architecture for solving particular problems

We always take your business requirements into account when choosing the architecture for your project. For legacy apps, we recommend progressive enhancement approach. When it comes to new apps, Single Page Application works best for an existing API.

Separation of concerns

No matter what’s the architecture, we strongly believe that separating concerns on each level is key to maintainability. That’s why we carefully separate frontend and backend code on the higher level, and distinguish and modularize visual and logical components on the lower level.

Knowledge sharing and open source

We like to give back to the community that has offered us so much support in our journey. We present at dedicated meetups, sponsor events, and are now busy bringing some exciting open-source contributions to light.

When developing JavaScript projects, we rely on proven practices but also strive to incorporate the latest trends and technologies. That’s how we bring top business value to our partners.

Przemek Lewandowski

Co-founder and CTO at Sunscrapers

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8 year-long (and counting) partnership with London’s marketing and design agency.

MHG Design is a full-service marketing and design consultancy agency based in Greater London. Founded over 20 years ago, MHG worked with some of the world's most renowned brands such as Samsung, LG, Maserati, and Logitech.

Case Study


Sunscrapers services are incredibly well-made and reliable. We put our names on these products, so being able to trust them to present high-quality deliverables has pleased me time and time again. The feedback on the microsites, backend systems, and platforms which manage reporting and approval processes around marketing development funds have all been incredibly positive. The acclaim we’ve gotten from clients is resounding proof of Sunscrapers’ dedication

Mike Rice, Managing Director at MHG Design

Client since 2010

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