Meet Paulina

Content Marketing Specialist

How would you describe your role at Sunscrapers?

I’m the main writer here and I’m trying to deliver interesting and insightful content every day. Mostly I’m just loudly tapping my keyboard, which hopefully is not annoying to my fellow colleagues.

What was your impression after a week at Sunscrapers?

After my first week I was surprised how amazing and smart people are working here. I cried from laughter so many times, that I started to think I have some issues with lacrimal canals in my eyes. I also scored my first three goals in foosball, which I think it’s a pretty good score for someone with no talent for foosball.

Who did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a singer and perform on stage. Unfortunately for some people, I’m still singing my favourite songs when Spotify drops the beat. 

Who is your favourite superhero and why?

Obviously Tony Stark aka. Iron Man! Why? Well, he is an eccentric genius, millionaire, playboy and philanthropist. He has a passion to make world a better place with his inventions and he has a sharp sense of humour, which I absolutely love! Also, he is near death in every second of his life, because of small shrapnel’s pieces close to his heart. Isn’t he a really intriguing guy? 

What helps you to recharge?

It depends on the weather - cup of a hot tea, warm blanket and a good book work perfectly during winter. Not to mention a good movie or doing some DIY projects! When it’s warmer I like to take a long walk at the riverbank, escape to the woods to breathe with some fresh air or go for a weekend to Polish or European city. I also recharge my batteries when I hit the gym and do some weight-lifting session; it works wonders for my tired brain! 

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