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In today’s globalized market, the best are everywhere. We are a team of tech experts who help entrepreneurs and organizations based in London build innovative digital products, scale their teams, and improve their business processes.

Here’s why we deliver solutions to our partners from London.

London is the city where Sunscrapers began its journey, and it’s still close to our hearts. We support local entrepreneurs in making their visions come true with the help of the city's unique infrastructure that encourages growth by offering access to fantastic opportunities for scaling.

London is one of the most exciting spots on the global tech scene for some very good reasons. The city has an entire district dedicated to tech, and the local government provides innovators with more support than anywhere else.

London is a great place to set up a startup because it promotes growth like no other place in the world. Tech companies can accelerate their growth and acquire valuable knowledge through special programs,

research projects, and events that help to boost the number of high-growth businesses in the UK by raising the profile of the tech industry and, thanks to the feedback loop from business to government, shaping the policy.

Moreover, London is the financial capital of Europe and an excellent environment for applying our Python expertise; many financial companies take advantage of this language to develop solutions that support their business processes.

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Why work with us ?

We are a team of passionate tech experts who are experienced in collaborating with entrepreneurs and companies from London and beyond. We can help you get your idea off the ground and support your product at every stage, from concept to launch.


We have ample experiences collaborating with London-based entrepreneurs and organizations representing various industries.

Time difference

We’re located in the heart of Europe, with only an hour of time difference between us our partners in London. The small time difference makes collaborating easy and comfortable for everyone.


We cultivate communication skills among our team members and require everyone to speak English fluently. Our work culture and values match the Western industry standards.


Here’s what we can do for you.

Thanks to agile and lean startup methods, we deliver high-quality software at top speed and efficiency.

  • Staff Augmentation - Icon

    Staff Augmentation

    If you need qualified IT experts for your project, you've come to the right place. We can find the exact talent you need, regardless of the technology stack. What's more, we can effectively verify a candidate's soft skills, cultural adaptation to your project, and the ability to work remotely.

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  • Web Development - Icon

    Web Development

    We develop full-stack web applications using innovative and proven technologies. While our developers are busy building robust and scalable app architectures, our design team takes extra care to create clean and usable interfaces to deliver top quality.

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  • Python Development - Icon

    Python Development

    Meet a team of passionate Python developers who know the ins and outs of this productive high-level language. We are deeply invested in the local Python community; you can hear our team leaders speak at major Python events.

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  • JavaScript Development - Icon

    JavaScript Development

    Another language we love is JavaScript, a top choice for projects such as web and mobile apps, or Single Page Applications. We take advantage of JavaScript and its modern frameworks to develop high-performing web and mobile applications.

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Check out our work

Helping a UK startup change the way people order coffee.

EspressGo is a location-based coffee ordering app that changes how consumers discover, order, and pay for products delivered by London's best coffee houses.


“Extremely competent technically and very efficient. Attention to detail is second to none and ability to solve problems is exceptional.”

EsspressGo CEO

Louis Leigh, Director at Biorelevant.com

Client since 2010

Software Development London FAQ.

  • How to build a digital product without IT expertise?

    faq icon

    You can build a successful digital product by relying on the expertise coming from software development companies in the form of consulting or dedicated teams that will build, support, and maintain the product for you.

  • Why outsource software development to Poland and how to choose a reliable dev shop?

    faq icon

    Poland is recognized as one of the best outsourcing destinations in the world thanks to the high level of technical education, membership in the European Union and its regulations (like GDPR), availability of talented developers, and widespread knowledge of English.

    The best way to find a reliable dev shop in Poland is by looking at client reviews on platforms like Clutch.co, browsing the company’s portfolio, and asking for recommendations.

  • Why do I need a scoping session?

    faq icon

    During a scoping session, companies can formally capture the expectations of their customers, success factors, and high-level business requirements for their project. Ultimately, scoping sessions help businesses to save money on product development by focusing on the most valuable product elements right from the start.

  • What kind of projects did you build with Python?

    faq icon

    We used Python to build a SaaS platform for employee performance management, a startup product for legal professionals, a location-based coffee ordering app, a creative management platform, an event database and search engine, an online marketplace for house sitting opportunities, an advanced analytical tool that helps companies track and draw conclusions from customer behavior, and many more.

  • Can I adjust the plans and features during the project?

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    Yes, this is possible thanks to the iterative, agile approach our development teams follow when building software and web development solutions. Since we divide the work into two-week-long sprints, the sprint planning session is the best moment to start a conversation about changes and adjustments.

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Sunscrapers Sp. z o.o.
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