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Przemysław Lewandowski Co-founder and CTO at Sunscrapers
Przemek Lewandowski Co-founder and CTO

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We provide companies in the United States with skilled software engineers and technology experts that we know and trust to deliver the best work.

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Follow our process to hire
top software developers.

step 1

We choose the best service for you.

We have killer Python development skills. Find us in’s top 10 ranking of Python developers. PS. Only 3% of candidates make it through our rigorous recruitment process.

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    Web Development

    Hire skilled backend and frontend developers with experience in delivering products to various sectors.

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    Data Science

    Our full-stack approach and dedication to data quality will make your project a success.

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    Custom Web Apps

    We build custom applications that solve specific problems and focus on business goals.

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    Hybrid Mobile Apps

    Our teams combine the strengths of web and mobile to develop apps that match your unique requirements.

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    Data Processing and Analytics

    Our teams improve data quality and algorithms, experimenting with alternative methods to deliver the best solution.

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    Recommendation Systems

    We have developed X systems that help users find what they need with automatically generated recommendations.

step 2

Tell us how you’d like to cooperate?

If you have a project on your mind, you can outsource all the development work to our teams. Maybe you’re looking to add extra skills to your in-house team? Then dedicated teams and team extension model are for you.

Hire a self-organizing, independent Scrum team managed by a seasoned Project Manager.
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Dedicated team

Bring skilled software developers on board quickly. Get top talent at no recruitment fee.
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Team extension

Let our team give you a hand at developing your project. Benefit from our cross-industry expertise.
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Project team

step 3

Adjust the workflow.

This is what our typical process looks like. But we’re flexible and we can easily adjust it to the individual needs of your project

Scrum model - software in 2 weeks sprints

This is what our typical process looks like. But we’re flexible and we can easily adjust it to the individual needs of your project.

Hire top software engineers
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Check out our work

Helping a US SaaS company develop their product and grow their tech team.
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Communication barriers and the considerable time zone difference failed to impact the engagement, which is extraordinarily rare in offshoring scenarios. Clients can expect uncompromising responsiveness and access to a wide variety of talented professionals.

Nazar Ivaniv
Nazar Ivaniv
Co-founder and CTO, 15five
Case Study
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client since 2015

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5 engineers

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double team size
since project start

Software Development New York FAQ.

  • What is the best way to scale a development team?

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    The best way to do that is by using staff augmentation or team extension services provided by an outsourcing provider like us. That way, you don’t have to worry about the costs and time required to recruit new team members. Moreover, you’ll be able to scale your team to quickly match the changing needs of your project.

  • Why outsource software development to Poland?

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    Poland is recognized as one of the best outsourcing destinations in the world thanks to the high level of technical education, membership in the European Union and its regulations (like GDPR), availability of talented developers, and widespread knowledge of English.

  • What is the difference between dedicated team and staff augmentation?

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    Staff augmentation and dedicated team are two different outsourcing models that aim to fill different technology needs.

    Staff augmentation (also called team extension) is a service based on setting up a team that doesn't replace the in-house team. The idea here is augmenting the internal team with specific skills and expertise. However, the principal business and technical competency always stay located in-house. In this model, the external and internal teams function as a single unit that communicates directly.

    A dedicated team is a model where the outsourcing company builds a software development team for the client to work on a specific, often long-term project. The team members are chosen according to their experience and skill sets. The dedicated team model allows getting talented engineers on board within a fixed budget.

    The total cost of the project depends on the time it takes for the team to complete tasks, the size of the team, and the potential scaling of the team as the project develops.

  • How to manage dispersed teams effectively?

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    We use a wide range of tools and strategies to manage remote development teams and coordinate projects with our offshore clients. Project management tools that offer real-time access to the project’s progress are essential. Video conferencing and instant messaging tools are important as well. But most of the time, it’s the experience and proven practices that help remote teams collaborate efficiently.

  • Is Python good for web development?

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    Python is a favorite technology among web developers for many different reasons. Its readability and efficiency combined with the availability of web development frameworks such as Django make it an excellent pick for a web development project. Moreover, since Python is easy to learn, you're bound to find many experts to help you build a high-quality web application.

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Sunscrapers Sp. z o.o.
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New Business
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