Find skilled engineers with a perfect cultural fit to your project.

When you don’t have enough time or resources to build your product as you wished an ideal solution lies in support of external consultants. We can help you find them and provide your business with tailor-made specialists who match your project perfectly.

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Benefits of working with us.

See what you gain by using our services and what distinguishes us from competitors.

specialists tailored to your requirements

Specialists tailored to your requirements.

Tell us about your needs and we will find exactly the people you’re looking for. You won't have to verify a dozen candidates; our first candidate will meet your expectations.

specialists ready for remote work

Specialists ready for remote work.

Remote work is becoming more and more common lately, but it doesn't match the working style and personality of every IT specialist. We have ten years of experience in building and managing remote development teams. We will provide you with a specialist who is able to work remotely and be efficient.

specialists with perfect cultural fit

Specialists with perfect cultural fit.

We've been working with foreign clients for years, so we know how important it is to adapt the team to the business culture. This is what positions teams for success. We know how to verify the culture match, you can be sure that our candidate blends into your company seamlessly.

hassle-free cooperation

Hassle-free cooperation.

We recruit, employ, and manage specialists who are employed for you. All you have to do is coordinate the work and accept the completed hours of work.



We can adapt to your individual needs and verify candidates according to your requirements or include you in the recruitment process. Everything depends on you; we can adjust to any process.

speed ​​of action

Speed ​​of action.

We will find the right specialists for you within 10 business days.

What clients say about us.

We collaborate with visionary leaders on projects that focus on quality and require the expertise of a highly-skilled and experienced team.
  • 15Five
    Helping a US SaaS company develop their product and grow their tech team.
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    Communication barriers and the considerable time zone difference failed to impact the engagement, which is extraordinarily rare in offshoring scenarios. Clients can expect uncompromising responsiveness and access to a wide variety of talented professionals.

    Nazar Ivaniv
    Nazar Ivaniv
    Co-founder and CTO, 15five
    Case Study
  • EspressGo
    Helping a UK startup change the way people order coffee.

    EspressGo is a location-based coffee ordering app that changes how consumers discover, order, and pay for products delivered by London's best coffee houses.

  • RED Interactive Agency
    Building an Ad Tech product for one of the top US digital agencies.
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    Sunscrapers has played a critical role in the development of Velvet, providing us with unmatched talent, support, guidance, and stability over the years. Not only do they complete the work that’s asked of them to the highest standard, they help define what that work should be, how best to approach it.

    Zach Glass
    Zach Glass
    VP of Operations at Red Interactive
    Case Study
  • MHG
    8 year-long partnership with London’s marketing and design agency.
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    Sunscrapers services are incredibly well-made and reliable. We put our names on these products, so being able to trust them to present high-quality deliverables has pleased me time and time again. The feedback on the microsites, backend systems, and platforms which manage reporting and approval processes around marketing development funds have all been incredibly positive.

    Mike Rice
    Mike Rice
    Managing Director Client since 2010
    Case Study
  • Daybees
    Helping a UK startup build the world’s largest event search engine.

    Daybees is a search engine that aggregates millions of events happening across the UK.

  • Trusted Housesitters
    Helping a UK startup rebuild their product to enable future success.

    Sunscrapers are an extremely knowledgeable agency with fantastic developers and strong integrity. They understand and interpreted our needs and site well, produced complex work with excellent value for money and have outstanding technical knowledge. We'd recommend them.

    Andy Peck
    Andy Peck
    Co-founder at TrustedHousesitters
    Case Study
  • Quetru
    Helping a Dutch startup build and scale an Ad Tech product.
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    Sunscrapers are serious, professional, friendly, and easy to approach. They’re transparent, they work fast and work hard. We are extremely happy with the quality so far.

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    Juan Dominguez
    Global Director at Quetru
    Case Study
  • Letme
    Building an AI-powered recommendation app for a Polish startup.
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    Letme is a web-based platform that helps users find games, electronics, and travel opportunities thanks to a sophisticated recommendation engine that builds on artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Pollen (formerly Verve)
    Helping to build an online word-of-mouth sales platform for a London-based startup.
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    Projects staffed by Sunscrapers’ resources delivered satisfactory benefits and launched on time. Providing custom staffing resources, Sunscrapers is flexible in their work style and integrates seamlessly into in-house teams.

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    Bradley Wirght
    CTO at Pollen
    Case Study
  • Financial enterprise
    Enabling a US-based financial enterprise to make smarter decisions with data analytics.
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    We supported the data science team of our client who was looking to improve the delivery of analytics reports to help managers make informed business decisions.

  • Realgraph
    Building a product for a New York City-based media company.
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    Sunscrapers makes every effort to supply their clientele with reliable, on-demand resources who excel both technically and strategically.

    Geoffrey Sechter
    Geoffrey Sechter
    intermin CTO at observer Media
    Case Study
  • JusCollege
    A mobile app development company you can trust.
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    Our team built a mobile application that helps JusCollege to build a great user experience for students, help them information about the available attractions, and deliver excellent customer service.

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    Bradley Wright
    Case Study


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What we do.

We are a software development agency, so we know what businesses need to build software efficiently. While helping them do that for the last 10 years, we noticed that our clients were often looking for a specialist or team that would work independently with them, just like their internal team.

Adapting to the needs of our clients, we created a new service that focuses on acquiring the best specialists on the market. We can help you just one time or become your permanent recruitment partner; it all depends on your needs.

Premium IT outsourcing

Premium IT outsourcing.

We find you a tailored consultant or an entire team, all of the formal and accounting issues are our responsibility - you can simply enjoy working together, hassle-free.

Permanent recruitment

Permanent recruitment.

If you only need recruitment support in finding the right specialist and want to take care of the process yourself, we can support you as well.

Unlimited recruitment

Unlimited recruitment.

Our recruiters have experience in sourcing specialists for clients all over the world, at every level of experience, and in every technology stack.

  • Speed bonus - we offer a one-month discount for fast contract signing.
  • We guarantee satisfaction with the candidate with a short notice period. You can terminate your contract instantly during the first two weeks of cooperation.

We can find you specialists you need in every technology stack.


















Process leader.

Kamil Sobiszewski

Kamil Sobiszewski

Business Development Engineer

Kamil has business experience from working in startups and technology companies and is an engineer by education. Contact with him will allow you to get to know our company better and thanks to a joint conversation he will be able to propose a solution tailored to you.

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