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We support digital agencies in creating amazing applications with optimal UX and functionalities they need to succeed.

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Our approach.

Established businesses in the growth stage need talented engineers to expand the skill set of in-house teams. That’s where we come in.

  • We receive your brief and prepare a bespoke proposal for you

    We will take a closer look at your brief to gain an in-depth understanding of your business needs. We will then prepare a bespoke proposal for you and schedule a meeting to discuss it in detail.

  • Code audit

    If you approach us with a solution you would like to improve, we will carry out a code audit to examine its current state and develop strategies for addressing them.

  • Analysis of project requirements and business needs

    If you approach with an idea for an application, we will first carry out a detailed requirement analysis to define its architecture and choose the best technologies.

  • Team building

    We then build a team for your project, ensuring that every developer has the required skills and complements the skill sets of other members.

  • Candidate verification (technical and soft skills)

    When verifying candidates, we pay attention to soft skills such as communication and collaboration because they guarantee successful cooperation.

  • Team onboarding

    Yay, your team is ready! We now introduce its members to the project, assign roles and responsibilities, and start coding.

I started out my adventure in the tech industry at a digital agency. At Sunscrapers, we have in-depth knowledge about the way agencies work. We know what kinds of technologies they need and have supported agencies all over the world in developing captivating applications and practical tools, but also in the execution of marketing campaigns.

Lucas Karwacki

CEO & Co-Founder at Sunscrapers

Lucas Karwacki



„Sunscrapers services are incredibly well-made and reliable. We put our names on these products, so being able to trust them to present high-quality deliverables has pleased me time and time again.”

Mike Rice, Managing Director at MHG Design

Client since 2010

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