Helping to build an online word-of-mouth sales platform for a London-based startup .

Verve is an online platform that helps marketers create word-of-mouth sales programs for their events by having fans sell tickets to their friends. Established in 2011, Verve has since collaborated with some of the most famous events all over the world.


Marketers use Verve to create successful word-of-mouth sales programs for their events by getting fans to sell tickets to their friends. Established in 2011, Verve has since raised over $30 mln in funding and collaborated with over 700 brands on more that 5k event campaigns through its network of 200k ambassadors.




We began our collaboration with Verve right before the summer holidays. The company wanted to fine-tune the existing ticket sales system integrated with numerous external services, as well as an efficient point and reward system for ambassadors. They were looking for a flexible tech partner who could help them get started right away, was experienced in their technology stack (Python/Django and JavaScript), and could easily scale teams up and down. We ensured that all these conditions were met and got down to work.


The project included 5 frontend and 8 backend services. Our main focus was the backend side - especially the complex communication between the many different services involved in bringing Verve users and clients the functionalities they needed. Verve required smooth integration with external services for ticketing (Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, Paylogic, Frontgate), payments (Stripe, Braintree), and CRM systems (Braze, Front, Twilio). They also wanted to provide clients with sophisticated reporting features and to do that, they needed a financial service integrated with Google Sheets.


We quickly created a dedicated team of 2 fronted and 2 backend developers, adding another developer when the project requirements changed. The project was supposed to last four months, but Verve decided to keep on working with us until today.

Among the frontend services, we contributed to the ambassador dashboard, authentication service, and user checkout. We have worked on a number of solutions to bring Verve the external integrations they needed for optimal performance of the platform. We worked on the already implemented GraphQL gateway for processing frontend requests, Ambassador API (the main component), a notification service (including email notifications), an ETL process that would export data from production, as well as payment data from external providers such as Stripe or Braintree strongly based on RabbitMQ/Celery queues.

  • Full-stack web development
  • API development
  • Third-party service integration
  • ETL process implementation
  • Python/Django, Celery
  • RabbitMQ, Heroku, CircleCI
  • Docker, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • GraphQL, React, Relay, Cypress


We helped Verve create stronger integrations with external services for their platform to provide an optimal user experience and attract more ambassadors.


Developers in a team (peak moment)


Month that took us to build a dedicated team and start working



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