Prismic articles

Prismic is a headless Content Management System (CMS) that allows developers to create and manage content, and then deliver it to any platform or device through APIs. A headless CMS is a back-end-only content management system, which decouples the content management functionality from the front-end delivery.

With Prismic, you can create custom types of content, such as blog posts, products, and events, and then use the APIs to retrieve and display that content on your website or application. Prismic also provides a web-based content editor for non-technical users to create and manage content, making it easy for content creators to work independently of developers.

Prismic provides a wide range of features, including:

  • Customizable content types and fields
  • Rich-text editor
  • Media library
  • Versioning and rollback
  • Multi-language support
  • Webhooks
  • GraphQL and REST APIs
  • SDKs for popular programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and PHP Prismic can be integrated with any framework or language and is often used in combination with static site generators, JAMstack, React, and Angular, it’s a great option for developers looking to add a CMS to their web project without compromising on flexibility and performance.

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