We're Sunscrapers

We’re a funny bunch of people scattered around Poland and united by the passion for Python and technology. Always helping each other become better selves, always in service of our clients, always crafting meaningful software. We’re looking for smart, passionate and energetic teammates that will help us grow in strength and become first-choice Python shop for our clients.

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Crafting software

We’re a web development shop therefore we spend most of our time working for our clients, delivering web applications. Being Python experts we work with startups, well-established businesses and agencies - everyone in need of the world-class Python and Javascript development team. This approach opens us up to a wide range of exciting projects: starting with diverse startup ventures from California through marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands up to business intelligence systems for financial companies. We’ve also got few in-house projects we work on from time to time and which eventually help us do a better job e.g. Sprints For Trello. Finally, we love contributing to Open Source with djoser and djet being our most popular libraries.

Investing in ourselves

Skilled engineers are the key in any software business however we’re not just looking for tech talent and experience. We’re after a positive mindset, passion and ambition - characteristics that make good developers great and ones that make our clients fall in love with our team. We’re constantly working on self- and team-development, spending time on broadening our business understanding, improving our skills and learning from each other. We take pride in helping our clients succeed by proactively educating them about technology, providing valuable advice and becoming a part of their team. Working alongside talented teammates, doing work that matters for people that care sounds like a winning formula for us!

Helping the community

Since our very beginning we sought ways of giving back to the community. We’ve started by organising PyWaw - monthly developers’ meetups in Warsaw. We then took it to the next level by co-organising or volunteering at some of the splendid conferences: DjangoCon, Makerland, PyWaw Summit. We’ve attended and spoke at tech conferences worldwide. Lastly, we’ve supported and mentored at Django Girls and Django Carrots workshops. Work is more fun when you can share the results with others!



Ergo work station

with an ergonomic chair and hardware of your choice only sky’s the limit

Remote is OK

we believe that results count thus we have a flexible remote work policy

Fully stocked bar

a selection of soft drinks and quality coffee will fuel your day

English Wednesdays

speaking English once a week helps us improve our language skills and accent

Weekly tech talks

one of the best ways to learn from each other and improve presentational skills

Events and conferences

stay on top of the game by attending and speaking at industry events

Paid holidays

paid time off will let you recharge batteries without worrying about cash flow

Nights out and parties

we make sure there is time to socialise and celebrate little wins

Code reviews and project retrospectives

gives you an ability to learn best practices just from the trenches
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