Dedicated development teams

Extend your in-house team with our elite developers who will share the passion for your project, match your company culture and tech stack. All of that fast, on-demand, across a wide range of roles and technologies.

Model Variations

Staff Augmentation

Many businesses require additional skilled resources to complement their in-house teams for specific projects or tasks. The Dedicated Development Team model allows you to augment your team with talented project managers, designers, developers, and quality assurance specialists from Sunscrapers. These professionals seamlessly integrate with your existing team, providing the required expertise and contributing to the project's success.


Offshoring refers to partnering with a development team in a different country or region to leverage cost advantages and access a wider talent pool. With our Dedicated Development Team model, you can establish an offshored team in Poland, benefiting from competitive rates and the opportunity to tap into the highly skilled Polish tech talent market.


Nearshoring involves collaborating with a development team in a neighboring or nearby country. Sunscrapers, based in Poland, offers nearshoring options to clients in Europe. This allows for closer proximity, cultural compatibility, and convenient time zone alignment, making communication and collaboration more efficient.

Best suited for

Long-term Projects

For complex and long-term projects, having a dedicated development team offers stability and continuity. You can build a long-term partnership with Sunscrapers, ensuring that the same team members remain dedicated to your project throughout its lifecycle. This fosters deep understanding, seamless collaboration, and efficient project execution.

Application Support

Special Projects

High Growth Phase

The Process




Sourcing talent








Ongoing Support

Roles we can help with

Project Managers
QA Specialists
Data Analysts
Data Engineers
Data Scientists

Key advantages of partnering with us

Access to Top Tech Talent

We have a rigorous hiring process to ensure we attract and retain the best tech talent (top 2%). By partnering with us, you gain access to a team of highly skilled engineers who believe in your mission and fit your culture and tech stack.

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What is a Dedicated Development Team?

How does the Dedicated Development Team model work?

Can I have full control over the Dedicated Development Team?

What if I need to scale up or down the team size?

How do you ensure the quality of the team members?

Can I choose the technologies and tools used by the Dedicated Development Team?

What if I need to add or replace team members during the project?

What is the duration of the engagement in the Dedicated Development Team model?

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