Building a powerful new ad analytics platform

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The client

Quetru is a young Dutch startup in the growth phase. Their product is a powerful business analytics platform that serves one of the biggest FMCG companies in the world.


The Netherlands





The product

Quetru is an advanced analytical tool that helps companies track and draw conclusions from customer behaviour to grow their audience, improve conversion, and deliver personalised content.







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The challenge

Shortly after successfully building an MVP and finding the product market fit, Quetru founders embarked on a mission to build a solid tech team around the product to fuel its future growth. That task was challenging as the company operates in a demanding AdTech industry that requires technical sophistication and domain knowledge of advertising and marketing.

Local recruitment proved to be difficult for a startup in Amsterdam. They started looking for a strong partner who specialised in Python and could provide both the technical leadership and development team that Quetru needed. Sunscrapers answered the call.


The main technical challenges were:

  • Legacy codebase that didn’t match the growing requirements of the company.
  • Hard-coded dependencies on the current client, preventing us from onboarding new ones.
  • Non-scalable data gathering based on periodic execution of heavy tasks.
  • Lack of comprehensive specification and documentation.

Apart from the main technical challenges, Sunscrapers had to build a development process that would allow Quetru to quickly deliver high-quality software, all the while letting us manage expectations in a multi-sided and fast-paced business environment.


2017 - 2019

image Quetru challenge

The solution

We’ve started with a textbook implementation of Scrum. After fully understanding Quetru’s operating environment, we started evolving the process to fit the custom needs of Quetru and defining the best set of roles and responsibilities with the team. On the product side, we’ve built a faster and more flexible data aggregation platform (based on MongoDB), implemented numerous third-party integrations, and have significantly improved the scalability of microservices through refactoring. There are many more features and improvements on the way too!

Engagement Type

Dedicated development teams

Project-based engagement


Agile project management

Fullstack web development

MVP development

Product design


We set up a complete technical team with a tech leader and four developers who are now an integral part of the Quetru team and take care of product development on a daily basis.

Juan Dominguez

Global Director

Sunscrapers are serious, professional, friendly, and easy to approach. They’re transparent, they work fast and work hard. We are extremely happy with the quality so far.

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