Improving data analytics to drive smarter decisions for financial service providers.


The client

The client in a NYC based Fortune500 financial services company.




Financial Services



The product

We supported the data science team of our client who was looking to improve the delivery of analytics reports to help managers make informed business decisions.


Python / Pandas / Numpy


JavaScript / TypeScript


Apache Airflow

AWS / Terraform


image Financial enterprise product

The challenge


The financial sector is experiencing unrelenting competition. Organizations that want to thrive must be quicker and smarter in acquiring insights from data to make data-driven business decisions.

The client was looking for software developers who would support the internal data science team with Python expertise and know-how. The primary business goal was developing a system that would enable them to deliver analytics reports quickly and efficiently to support the decision-making process at the organization.


First, our team implemented data pipelines. Next, we migrated the organization's data to a new data warehouse. We were also responsible for supporting the client's internal team of data scientists in completing various tasks and sharing best practices in the field.

We advised the client about the choice of programming tools such as CI, repository organization, and linters through their evaluation and consultancy in reference to the planned infrastructure for the implementation of Airflow.


2018 - ongoing

image Financial enterprise challenge

The solution

Since completing the data warehouse migration from Athena to Snowflake, the client’s team can now work with data more efficiently and with greater confidence. We also released our own instance of Apache Airflow for automating data processing to improve the user experience.

Our team helped in implementing Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) practices and shared other relevant know-how with the client’s team of data scientists.


Dedicated development teams

Custom software solutions

Data solutions


Staff augmentation


Web development

Python development

JavaScript development


Data engineering


Successful data pipelines implementation

Successful data warehouse migration to Snowflake

Built internal Data Portal to automate routine tasks

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