Sharing knowledge is key to growing.

We want to share our expertise with the community that helped us get to where we are right now. Here are some resources we have prepared using our know-how and experience.
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Striving for excellence.

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Ebooks & Whitepapers

Launch Your Startup with a BANG!

Do-It-Yourself PR for Startup Founders

Improve your React programming!

Build an understandable & change-ready React codebase.

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Supporting the community.

The community has given us a lot of support along the way. That's why we strive to give back. We sponsor, organize and present at events. We also contribute to open source

Here are some examples of our open sources projects.


Our library for implementing login mechanisms, user account setup and management from the REST API level (using Django REST Framework).



Django Extended Tests provides helpers for easy testing of Django apps: easy unit testing of Django views, useful assertions provided as mixin classes, and smooth integration with Django REST Framework aut hentication mechanism.

Open source projects are cornerstones of industry standards thanks to their transparency - as Linus Torvalds once said 'Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.' This inherent openness also helps the community grow as beginners can learn from advanced coders

Dominik Kozaczko

Backend engineer at Sunscrapers

Dominik Kozaczko

Videos from our recent talks and presentations.

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