Sunscrapers Guide to the Django REST Framework

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1 Build a functional REST API with the Django REST Framework

2 Avoid issues like spaghetti code or antipatterns

3 Improve your Django skills

Sunscrapers Guide to the Django REST Framework

Why every Django developer should read this ebook

Whenever I joined a Django REST Framework (DRF) project, I encountered issues like spaghetti code or antipatterns. You probably saw them too. It made me wonder: where do these problems come from if the documentation is so comprehensive and well-organized?

I knew what was going on when I took a look at the DRF tutorial. It seems that the official DRF tutorial is written in reverse order. It shows low-level versatility first instead of explaining high-level acronyms.

When reading the tutorial, developers first learn about the details of views, serializers, and - only at the very end - ViewSets that offer a wonderfully compact way for binding everything into a neat, transparent, and manageable whole.

But most people never get to this point. By then, they already have a relatively functional API and decide to abandon the tutorial in favor of the API Guide, searching for ways to implement the project requirements.

My guide to the Django REST Framework addresses this problem to help you write better code.

What’s inside?

Table of contents:


2 Login and Authentication

3 Custom Fields

4 Pagination

5 Filtering

6 Functional Endpoints and API Nesting

7 Selective Fields and Related Objects

8 Extras Try another approach

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Dominik Kozaczko - Backend Engineer

Dominik Kozaczko

Backend Engineer

Dominik has been fascinated with computers throughout his entire life. His two passions are coding and teaching - he is a programmer AND a teacher. He specializes mostly in backend development and training junior devs. He chose to work with Sunscrapers because the company profoundly supports the open-source community. In his free time, Dominik is an avid gamer.

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