Spring articles

Spring is an open-source application framework and inversion of a control container for the Java platform. It provides a comprehensive programming and configuration model for modern Java-based enterprise applications.

Spring's core features include:

  • Dependency Injection (DI): Spring's DI feature manages the dependencies between objects, making it easy to change or add new dependencies without affecting the rest of the application.
  • Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP): Spring's AOP feature enables developers to modularize cross-cutting concerns such as logging, security, and transaction management.
  • Data access support: Spring provides a consistent approach for data access, supporting both JDBC and Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tools such as Hibernate, JPA and iBATIS
  • Web development: Spring provides a comprehensive set of features for building web applications, including Spring MVC, Spring WebFlux (reactive programming) and Spring WebSocket
  • Testing: Spring provides a variety of testing support for unit testing and integration testing Other features: Spring also provides features for messaging, scheduling, caching, and more. Spring is widely used in enterprise Java development and is known for its ability to make complex Java enterprise development simpler. It provides a set of powerful and flexible tools that help developers to create high-performing, easily testable, and reusable code.

Spring is modular, so you can use as many or as few of its components as you need. Spring is also compatible with other Java frameworks and technologies, making it easy to integrate with existing systems.

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