A picture says more than a thousand words

Lukasz Karwacki - Co-Founder & CEO at Sunscrapers

Lukasz Karwacki

1 July 2021, 3 min read

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    That’s true. Human vision has evolved with a goal to scan the environment as quickly as possible and provide us with life-saving information about potential dangers (and opportunities). That’s why we’re able to tell so much about a person, an object or a situation within seconds of our first impression. This can sometimes lead to generalisations and wrong conclusions (hence the saying ‘don’t judge the book by the cover’), but more often than not, our first impressions turn out correct (experience plays an invaluable role here).

    In a business world, logos play a fundamental role in that context. I like to say: “Look at the company logo, it says more than a thousand words about the company itself”. Company logo, or more broadly, corporate branding, says a lot about the image a given company wants to convey, its values, culture, industry or Unique Selling Proposition. That’s why it’s not uncommon for freshly appointed CEOs to present new vision and strategy by starting rebranding projects shortly after the transition, in order to reflect the change in direction through corporate image.

    We were in love with our logo for a long time. It perfectly matched our brief and desired perception. We wanted it to associate with features such as: ambitious, professional, agile, easy to work with, fun and sexy. At the end of the day, we were working mostly with startups and non-technical founders, and we wanted to make a similar ‘cool’ impression.

    Our previous logo

    But times have been changing. Over the years our clients started getting bigger. We’ve been working more and more with scale-ups after series A, B, C…, and we’ve been delivering projects for a growing number of enterprise clients too.  In those companies, we were usually working with technical leaders: CTOs, VPs of Engineering, Lead Engineers. These are some of the most experienced, pragmatic and straight-to-the point people I got to know. Getting things done promptly, efficiently and with the highest quality standards became a number one priority for us. Hiring the absolute elite developers has become a baseline for any client conversations and foundation for our new vision

    And then the COVID hit us in a serious way. We had to make a lot of difficult decisions. We’ve refined our organisational structure, updated our delivery process, modified our approach to recruitment, cut off a lot of inefficiencies, and - as a result - we’ve become extremely more technical, efficient, profitable and successful than ever before. 

    It was a difficult journey, scary at times, but when we finally reached our destination, we loved it and we simply couldn’t look back.

    Something funny happened at that point. I started to dislike our logo. I felt like it didn’t represent us and our vision well anymore. It somehow started looking plumpy, slightly lazy, perhaps a little bit too playful. 

    It seemed like my attitude towards it has changed significantly in the effect of all events taking place in the last couple of years.

    We went through some dark times. We’ve grown up and matured. We’ve lost unnecessary weight and built up muscles. We felt like Rambo on a trip back home. It just felt right to update our logo accordingly.

    And here it is today: a brighter, shaper, bolder and more daring face of Sunscrapers. 

    For us, it says more than a thousand words. And it feels right again.

    Our brand new amazing logo

    Kudos to @Bartosz Maryniaczyk for his outstanding work.

    Lukasz Karwacki - Co-Founder & CEO at Sunscrapers

    Lukasz Karwacki

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Luke is a co-founder and CEO of Sunscrapers. He has got his background in computer graphics (graduate of Kingston University London) and has started his career as a web designer in a creative agency. He currently manages Sunscrapers, takes care of business development and looks after clients. Throughout the last 10 years, Lukasz managed, supervised and consulted projects for startups, SMBs and enterprises across different industries and locations. He has a passionate dad, speaker and writer.


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