Paulina Czajkowska

Growth & culture Startups

Brand voice in social media

This video is part of Sunscrapers’ weekly talks. Paulina gave a short speech about the magic of language – brand voice in social media and how to stay consistent [...]

Project management Startups

How to start a software development project?

Starting a software development project might raise many questions. No matter if it’s a web development or mobile development, you have to know what to expect. Here’s a short [...]

Project management

Dlaczego programowanie w parach jest przydatne?

Niektórzy programiści uważają programowanie w parach (po ang. pair programming), za jedną z najbardziej pomocnych rzeczy w ich pracy. Inni z kolei nie do końca rozumieją ten koncept – [...]

Growth & culture

Sunscrapers among the Top Web & Software Developers in Poland by Clutch

We thoroughly check opinions about a product before we make a purchase. It is pretty obvious right? The same goes with looking for a reliable web development company. We [...]

Growth & culture

How to plan your day like a genius

It can be a challenge to plan your day and squeeze all your tasks in 24 hours. And when you are moaning that you don’t have enough time to [...]

Project management Startups

How to choose the best development company for your project

Choosing the best software shop from a variety of available companies is a headache. What factors should you look into while searching for a perfect one? Quality Many software shops say [...]

Growth & culture

6 tips to help you be more productive every day

Time management is always a trendy subject. We believe that tips to be more productive every day is something you need. Why? All of us experienced those stressful situations in life, [...]

Project management

Looking for developers? These are your best options!

There is a moment in a company life where existing team of developers is great and successful but there are not enough hands to work on a product. At [...]

Project management

Top 4 books you need to read in 2017

The beginning of the New Year is a great moment to look into ourselves and resolve some changes in our lives. Many people make typical New Year’s resolutions – [...]

Project management

Agile vs. waterfall – what’s better for my business?

For many years, there was one method for developing software that dominated the IT market. It was the waterfall methodology to software development projects. Then, more than 15 years [...]

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