C# articles

C# (pronounced C-sharp) is a modern, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. It is a part of the .NET framework and is often used to build Windows desktop applications and games, but can also be used to build web, mobile, and gaming applications.

C# is similar to other popular programming languages like Java and C++ in terms of syntax and structure. It has a rich set of features, including strong type checking, garbage collection, and automatic memory management.

C# also supports the use of attributes, which can be used to add metadata to a class, method, or property, making it easy to create and consume web services, and support for language integrated query (LINQ), which allows for more efficient data querying.

C# is widely used in industry and has a large developer community, with many available libraries, frameworks and open-source projects. It also has a strong tooling support from Microsoft such as Visual Studio.

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