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Progressive Web App (PWA) is a term used to describe web applications that use modern web technologies to provide a native-like user experience on the web. PWAs are designed to work offline, be fast, and provide an app-like experience on the web.

The key features of a PWA include:

  • Responsive design: PWAs adapt to the screen size of the device they are being viewed on.
  • Offline functionality: PWAs can work offline or with poor network connections through the use of service workers, which are a type of web worker that can cache resources and provide offline functionality.
  • App-like experience: PWAs can be installed on the user's home screen and provide an experience similar to that of a native app.
  • Push notifications: PWAs can send push notifications to the user to keep them engaged.
  • Web App Manifest: PWAs can be installed on the user's home screen, with the ability to specify the app's name, icons, and start URL. PWAs are designed to be fast, responsive, and efficient, and to provide a native-like experience on the web. They are a great option for businesses looking to improve their mobile web presence, as PWAs can be used to provide a more engaging experience for users, and to increase conversions and sales.

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