Redux articles

Redux is a library for managing the state of JavaScript applications. It is commonly used with React, but it can also be used with other libraries and frameworks. The core concept of Redux is that the entire state of the application is stored in a single, immutable "store". The store is updated by dispatching "actions", which are plain JavaScript objects that describe a change to the state. The changes to the state are made by "reducers", which are pure functions that take the current state and an action as input and return the new state.

Redux provides a few key features that make it useful for managing the state of complex applications:

  • A centralized store that holds the entire state of the application, making it easy to access and update the state from any part of the application
  • A clear and predictable way to update the state by dispatching actions and updating the state with reducers
  • A way to "subscribe" to the store, so that components can automatically re-render when the state changes
  • Support for middleware, which allows you to perform additional logic, such as logging, before or after an action is dispatched It enforces a unidirectional data flow, which allows for better control and predictability of the state and makes it easy to debug and test the application. It's widely adopted by developers because it makes state management more manageable and predictable.

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