Xml articles

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a markup language used to store and transport data. It is similar in structure to HTML, which is used to create web pages, but it is used for different purposes. While HTML is used to describe the layout and presentation of a document, XML is used to describe the data contained within a document.

XML uses a system of tags, similar to HTML, to define the structure of the data. These tags can be created by the user and can be used to describe any type of data. This allows for flexibility and the ability to store a wide variety of data types.

XML is often used to store data that will be transferred between different systems, such as between a database and a web application, or between different types of software. It is also used to create RSS feeds and other types of web services.

XML is a self-describing data format which means that the XML data and the schema (structure) of the data are contained within the XML document itself. It is designed to be platform-independent and can be read and written by any software that understands the structure of the data.

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