Since our work is based on Python, we benefit a lot from contributions in the Python community. For example, we use open source libraries in our commercial projects. That’s why we look for opportunities to support and give back to this fantastic group of developers.

As passionate Pythonistas, we’re deeply invested in the life of the Python community and do these 3 things to keep it thriving and inspired.

1. Events & Meetups

How to encourage people to start using Python? Nothing works better than dedicated events and meetups where devs can see the language in action and learn more about it in just a few hours.

We often share our knowledge at industry events, be it small, local meetups or international conferences. Our first step was starting PyWaw, a monthly meetup in Warsaw dedicated to developers who want take their first steps in Python or polish their skills in the language. To this date, we organized over 50 meetups and 130 talks.

We then took our involvement in the Python community to the next level by co-organizing and volunteering at conferences such as the PyWaw Summit, DjangoCon, and Makerland. We also sponsored or mentored at Django Girls and Django Carrots workshops to help beginners make their first steps in Python.

Since our founders com from Lublin, they’re also like to contribute to the local dev scene. We sponsor Lublin IT and G/Devs Lublin and plan to speak at these events. We will also speak at PyRa Poznań to promote Python in other Polish cities.

Since our founders com from Lublin, they’re also like to contribute to the local dev scene. We sponsor Lublin IT and G/Devs Lublin and plan to speak at these events. We will also speak at PyRa Poznań to promote Python in other Polish cities.

2. Open Source

We believe that software development can only thrive when everyone contributes to the open source environment and shares their knowledge freely. We not only use open source libraries in our projects, but also actively contribute to them. Djoser and djet are our most popular libraries; we invite you to check them out.

Djoser – our open source contribution

3. Weekly tech talks

We love sharing insights and knowledge that helped us become the developers we are today.

That’s why we organize weekly tech talks at our company where our team gathers in a conference room to see a presentation prepared by one of the members. We like to keep it open and invite non-tech staff to share their knowledge as well.

Susncrapers tech talks

One of our latest tech talks

Why do we keep on the tradition of tech talks?

The presentations help us systematize our knowledge about particular topics and introduce new insights. We get to stay up-to-date with the latest technology news. Finally, tech talks diversify our daily work routine and learning process, guaranteeing that a slice of our weekly schedule is dedicated to self-development.

Soft skills are just as important as tech skills at Sunscrapers.

And the weekly tech talks help us all develop them as we all get to exercise public speaking, teaching, and effective communication. Presenting a topic in 10 or 20 minutes means that we often step out of our comfort zone and learn new things about the art of presentation. That experience helps us feel more comfortable at conferences – both as lecturers during presentations, and as participants during networking.

We live stream our talks.

But also record and publish them on our YouTube channel to help others interested in IT benefit from them. We have a solid collection of valuable presentations on various topics, and we often return to them when we need to revise a particular subject. Here’s the complete list of our tech talks.

Key takeaway

Over the years, we managed to inspire many people to start programming and choose Python as their first language. We’re proud that our first initiative, PyWaw, contributed to building a robust tech scene in Warsaw.

Sharing our knowledge about Python is very rewarding and gives us plenty of satisfaction, but it also helps us show the world who we are, what we do, and how we work. We also use our Facebook page to share interesting news from the industry.

We’re already busy planning new knowledge-sharing activities, so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter.

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