So, you’re a mid-level Python developer and want to learn Django? This article is for you. Finding beginner Django tutorials is easy. But if you’re a little more seasoned Pythonista, some of these learning materials might just be too slow. Fortunately, you can still find some insightful resources that address the knowledge needs of more advanced developers.

Here are 6 useful books and tutorials for mid-level Pythonistas + some extra resources to help you jump-start your Django project.

1. Django Project Tutorials

To be fair, the official Django tutorial assumes that its readers have zero knowledge of Python. Still, the official Django documentation covers everything developers need to know about the framework. I think it can serve as a valuable point of reference regardless of your current level.

2. Two Scoops of Django

The book introduces readers to different tricks, patterns, code snippets, and techniques the authors have picked up over the years of developing Django projects. It’s an excellent resource for people who are no longer beginners but still need some help in figuring out Django best practices. It answers some of the most pressing questions intermediate Django developers might have.

The key strength of this book is that every chapter can be read as a standalone part. It works like a Dango-focused set of Stack Overflow questions followed by quality answers. The book comes in handy when you need to solve a problem quickly.

You can find the official repo here.

3. Django by Example

This classic guides readers through all the steps of developing professional web applications with Django. It’s basically a detailed walkthrough of four Django projects that allows readers to learn more about solving common Django problems and implementing best practices.

It starts with building a blog application and then moves on to developing a social image bookmarking website, an online store and, finally, an e-learning platform. Readers get to learn how to build a search engine, a content management system, a recommendation engine, and an e-commerce coupon system. Moreover, the book shows how to set up a production environment for Django projects, boost Django applications with AJAX, and create RESTful APIs.

All in all, the book leaves you with a good understanding Django and shows how to integrate it with other technologies to build advanced web applications. You can find all the book’s code repository here.

4. The Django Girls Tutorial

Ok, this is another introductory tutorial to Django, but it offers a really insightful take on the basics of Django (and it’s a good idea to refresh our basics knowledge once in a while). The tutorial does an amazing job of explaining why you should use the example code. Also, the organization itself is really great.

5. RealPython tutorials

This set of RealPython tutorials is a real treat for any advanced Pythonista looking to gain new Django skills. I think the platform offers the best Django learning materials today.

This section of RealPython includes intermediate to advanced articles that cover key aspects of Django development like testing, REST API, caching, and deployment. It also includes modules that help developers to learn critical Django best practices, recommended workflows, and project structures. The resources also show how to avoid common pitfalls when building Django projects.

Just have a look at the page and scroll down to see a great selection of individual modules that deal with one topic or help to solve a particular problem.

6. The Ultimate Tutorial for Django REST Framework

Once you finish reading the Django REST Framework tutorial and get the basics, it seems that you’re ready to implement its content in a real application. In most cases, you’ll want to have CRUD, and then some additional options for filtering available objects. And then some other functional endpoints like statistics or a search engine.

The original DRF tutorial seems to be written from the end – it delves into the details instead of showing its greatest asset, ViewSets. In my guide, I adopted the approach typical of Django – first the basics, then the details.

That’s why I decided to write a series of articles where I show the Django REST Framework from a general to detailed overview.

Follow this series to get a clear and highly manageable code:

Some extra resources

Write your Own Hacker New Clone

This is a helpful resource that uses a real-life example (building an HN/Reddit clone) to introduce topics like class-based views the help to understand Django. Mid-level developers can find many useful code snippets to copy and use in their projects.

Build your own Twitter app

Similar to above, this resource offers a use case which is pretty common and offers developers a collection of code snippets that can be reused in Django projects.

I hope this list helps you fine-tune your Django skills.

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Dominik Kozaczko
Backend Engineer

Since 2005 Dominik professionally does what he hoped for since childhood - he is a programmer AND a teacher. He specializes mostly in backend development and training junior devs.



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