The primary concern of frontend development is how a web design is implemented for the site to work inside a web browser. A frontend developer implements web designs using programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, together with frameworks such as ReactJS. Site layout, navigation, responsive design – it’s all part of frontend development.

Web development

What is a UI component explorer and do you need one in your React project?

Let’s say you’re tasked with implementing a “user details” screen based on a specific design. You inspect it and learn that it consists of a circular user avatar with [...]

Web development

How advanced React patterns changed with hooks

Until React v16.8, when we wanted to reuse some logic in our apps, we had two choose between these two alternatives: 1) Higher-Order Components (HOC) and 2) Render Props. [...]

Web development

How hooks changed the game in React

In React version 16.7 and below, if you wanted a component to have state or access to lifecycle methods, you needed to build it as a Class component. Functional [...]

Web development

Foundations of Foundation 6 (PL)

How can you get your projects from prototype to production in a faster, lighter and more flexible way? Kuba familiarized us with Foundation 6 frontend framework and its features. [...]

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