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5 January 2023, 8 min read

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Software developers have many different daily tools that allow them to prepare fully functional programs and web applications. Usually, these are very diverse solutions, and everyone chooses the ones best suit their work style. Currently, one technology that is rapidly gaining importance is the JavaScript library Vue.js.

Why is this happening, and what should you know about Vue.js?

Here are its thorough characteristics.

What is Vue.js?

Thanks to being a JavaScript library, Vue.js allows the creation of simple web applications consisting of individual components based on the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM). This library stands out from other programming tools thanks to many add-ons and functions that make its operation very intuitive. That’s why it’s an attractive tool for software developers, being additionally a great alternative to the much more complex React or Angular.

The creator of Vue.js is developer Evan You, who previously worked on Google and many other recognizable projects. Among other things, he co-created Angular.js, as mentioned earlier, and Meteor JS. How does Vue.js itself work? Thanks to the library's structure, you can use it to create basic applications, even without extensive knowledge of JavaScript. This is a great help, especially for novice specialists.

Vue.js pros and cons

Vue is great for large and small projects. It perfectly combines the best features of its two competitors, React and Angular.

What are its best features?

  • As React is based on components and a one-way flow of data, and like Angular, it has simple templates with good syntax.
  • It doesn’t need configuring the environment, although installing additional components that can be reused in many places for larger projects is necessary.
  • For communication between components, we use Vuex, i.e., a library that simultaneously manages a large amount of data.
  • Vue offers very detailed documentation praised by developers all over the world.
  • One of the advantages is its low entry threshold. The programmer doesn’t need to have advanced knowledge of frontend technologies, such as webpack or the JavaScript ES6 language standard. You just need to add the script with the code of the Vue library to a regular HTML file. This configuration is sufficient for learning the basics. However, Vue is still a JavaScript framework, and remember that JavaScript is a complex programming language to learn.
  • If a developer wants to build larger applications, it is recommended to use Vue-CLI, which offers to create a basic project with pre-built packages such as Vue-router, Vuex, TypeScript, ESLint, etc. By default, it would take hours to set up a simple project, and thanks to CLI, it can be done much faster.

It can be noticed that the disadvantages of Vue.js largely depend on the complexity of the project being implemented.

  • It often happens that when a team has to integrate several large elements and wants, for example, to use Vue.js, chaos can creep into the project, requiring time to clean up. It thus translates into an additional cost to be allocated for implementing the application.

  • Another downside to using Vue.js, although not as big as the previous one, is that it has a much smaller market share than Angular and React. So, programmers with several years of experience creating applications often don’t want to change their work environment.

  • Despite the long experience of the publicly available framework, some elements of the documentation have not yet been translated from Chinese, while the community developing this library is trying to make as many elements as possible in English.

How is Vue.js different from its competitors?

Vue.js’s biggest competitors are, of course, React and Angular. Although this library is faster and less complicated than the two, it is also worth taking a closer look at other parameters that distinguish these tools. So, let’s see how Vue.js compares to its closest competitors.

Best-suited project

Each of the libraries in question has its operating philosophy, which translates directly into the type of project it can be used for. Not all of them can use both Angular and Vue.js.

Angular is a complex framework that offers great possibilities. For this reason, it is perfect for complex projects with many necessary functions.

Thanks to its dynamics, React will meet the needs of projects that require a dynamic user interface and the development of existing web applications.

Vue.js, on the other hand, is a great solution when you want speed, efficiency, and simplicity. So, you can successfully use this library if you are chasing deadlines and need to get an effect in the near future.


In this case, Vue.js gains a significant advantage. Thanks to its simplicity and low entry threshold into application programming, it is ahead of Angular, a very complex framework with advanced structure and functions requiring extensive knowledge. It’s also a similar situation with React. Although its level of complexity is not on par with Angular, this library is one of the more complicated ones. The conclusion is that if you use Vue.js, it will be much easier for you to switch to React than Angular.

Availability and support

All three of these libraries are open-source licensed, which means they are available to a wide range of users without having to pay a fee. However, in the case of React, there are occasional doubts as to whether the library will remain under this type of license, as it was available for a fee at the very beginning of its existence.

In the case of open-access software, its development depends on the community around it. It takes care of the development, testing, introduction of corrections, and updating of the tool.

In the case of React and Angular, the community of professionals is really impressive. On the other hand, Vue.js is still in the stage of building its support group. Fortunately, the situation is improving year by year. The gathered community ensures constant access to updates and introduces alterations, focusing on the rapid development of the library.

Industry’s opinion

When deciding on a specific tool, programmers are often guided by its reputation and recommendations. For example, Angular was established in 2010, is the oldest of all three libraries, and as a result, had the most time to win over its followers. Although React was launched only a year later, it was not available under an open-source license until 2013. Vue.js is the newest solution that appeared in 2014.

In conclusion, Angular and React have had a good reputation in the development community for many years. They are stable solutions constantly developed with new possibilities, and their success is significantly supported by their creators - Angular by Google and React by Facebook.

Vue.js stands in opposition to the other two libraries. It is an original proposition of one programmer, not supported by a large corporation. For this reason, it is less popular among users compared to its two competitors. However, thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, it begins to gain importance and become their full-fledged rival.

Examples of using Vue.js

Vue.js has already been used by companies such as Google, Apple, Trivago, and Nintendo. Google used Vue on its career page. Trivago, one of the most famous hotel search sites, has incorporated Vue into its magazine. On the other hand, Apple used Vue to create its SwiftUI tutorials.

These are the main examples of using Vue.js, but let's not forget that this library has already had about 201,000 starts in its 8-year career. An example of using Vue.js is the QMS application, i.e., a queuing system designed to control the flow of customers in frequently visited outlets.

Summing up

Although more and more people see the potential and advantages of Vue.js, its use is not common among programmers or software houses. Angular and React still enjoy a greater reputation and esteem. It is possible, however, that soon the advantages of Vue.js will be fully discovered and used by more software developers, especially those looking for an opportunity for development and progress.

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