6 Tips to be More Productive Every Day

Time management is always a trendy subject. We believe that tips to be more productive every day is something you need. Why? All of us experienced those stressful situations in life, where we struggled to do all planned things during the day and we failed. Usually we were either too annoyed at ourselves about our poor time management or too exhausted to worry about it. But if you’ve reached your critical point and decided to do something about your productivity, read our favourite choices from plenty available techniques.

Social media detox

We know that those funny cats videos, friends’ photos from exotic places or emotional discussions about air pollution are addictive. You want to quickly check your Facebook wall, but magically you get hooked by it for 30 minutes. And we’re not mentioning Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, et cetera, et cetera… which take your precious time as well. If you don’t want to delete your social media accounts or you find it hard to use them less frequently, install one magical app: QualityTime (for Android users only). It will analyse how often do you unlock your phone and which apps steal the most of your precious time. Statistics can be overwhelming, but they might help you to take a break from social media. There is also one really useful plug in Chrome – News Feed Eradicator for Facebook. Great thing for everyone that are distracted by the bottomless pit of Facebook!

The 2-minute rule

You have something to do, right? Think fast – can you make it in two minutes? If the answer is “yes”, just do it now! Don’t plan it for later. You won’t get distracted and you won’t have to remember that you have a small task to do. It’s the simplest and easiest time management advice you can get, believe us.

Change the way you think about your goals

The easiest way to improve your productivity and say no to procrastination is to set your goals differently. For example: not to finish this enormous essay, but to work few minutes on it. You’ll quickly notice that those few minutes can change into one hour of a hard work (ever heard of a flow state?). It can work both ways though, so you need to be careful about your good and bad habits.

Pomodoro technique

If you can’t easily enter the flow state, try the Pomodoro technique. It’s a time management method, where you divide your work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes long with short breaks in between. After few intervals you can make a longer break to clear your mind. And what to do with the short time off? You can always check out your Facebook feed! If you haven’t hidden it yet of course.

Train your brain but… let it rest sometimes

Everyone knows that brain exercises improve our mental agility and we encourage you to stimulate your mind by doing crossword puzzles, playing board games or any other brain challenging games. But when it comes to time management, one of the best ideas is to write down all your tasks to do and get everything out of your head. Even if you’re a master of memory, put your plans in a todo-list app or in a notebook – you will be sure that you won’t forget anything. We recommend Todoist for Android and Clear for iOS users. The only thing you have to remember is that routine always beats tools. No matter how many time managing apps you have – if you don’t stick to your plans, they will be useless!

Prioritizing tasks

When you finally have your tasks planned, prioritize them. You can use the Covey’s time management matrix of Urgent/Important things, which was mentioned in his book we’ve recommended a week ago (Top 4 books you need to read in 2017 (if you haven’t read them yet!)). It’s simple – put all your chores on a proper grid. Thanks to that tool, you will be able to throw away useless tasks and do what really matters. And remember – most of things you usually do, won’t have any useful outcome in few years. Choose wisely.

These are our few tricks in terms of productivity in everyday life. Some of them might not sound like a rocket science, some of them might be more theoretical than practical. The point is to be consistent and perform a chosen task daily. Supposedly, forming a new habit takes around 21 days, which means we will get back to you in around a month. Good luck!

Paulina Czajkowska Paulina Czajkowska


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