Benefits of staff augmentation and team extension

Martyna Grygoruk - Co-founder& CEO at Sunscrapers Teams, HR Manager at Sunscrapers

Martyna Grygoruk

30 September 2020, 6 min read

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Outsourcing software development and other IT services has become a common practice for businesses, both large and small. There are many reasons that account for outsourcing as a great alternative to hiring in-house. 

But what if a company wants to outsource the very process of sourcing, attracting, and recruiting talented IT experts? No problem, services like staff augmentation or team extension are here to help.

In this article, we zoom in on the advantages of engaging new talents through such services to show you they play out in the real world and why so many companies prefer to hire via software development agencies rather than taking on the burden themselves.

Opportunity to hire the best talent

In today's globalized economy, you're competing with companies located all around the world. Why not source the best professionals globally as well? 

The truth is that the world has become much smaller thanks to digital transformation and the myriad communication, collaboration, and project management tools it brought us. And since the best talents are located all over the planet, outsourcing opens the door to engaging them in your project. 

Access to a much larger talent pool is the key advantage of outsourcing services like staff augmentation because it helps companies to acquire workers who have the skills and expertise in the most in-demand technologies. 

Such professionals will add a lot of value to your operations by applying their knowledge to your business processes right away. That's why investing in services coming from reliable IT recruiting providers offers an opportunity to engage top-tier experts.

Cost savings

In reality, outsourcing just for the sake of cutting costs is a thing of the past. Today, businesses realize that the IT job market is fully globalized, so they should be able to choose from candidates located all over the world. 

Using the helping hand of a local provider makes it easier. For example, at Teams by Sunscrapers, our well-established brand attracts talented software developers and is recognized on the market for quality. That's why accessing the local talent pool is much easier for us.

If you hire IT professionals from regions such as Eastern and Central Europe, you can be sure that they bring you great value for money.

Lower risk and no long-term commitments

When hiring in-house, you're making a long-term commitment to keep someone on board for at least a few months or even years. But things change rapidly in our economies today. Businesses need to become agile and respond to these changes immediately. 

And just because you're growing really fast right now, it doesn't mean the situation will remain the same a year from now. In-house recruitment is like locking yourself into a long-term contract with someone whose skills you might not need anymore if you decide to pivot in six months. 

At the same time, companies that are rapidly growing need to prepare themselves to scale their IT support to match the new demand. If you stick to an in-house team, addressing this issue isn't going to be practical. In-house teams are usually fixed in size and scope. Expanding them to address the evolving business demands will be costly and time-consuming, trust us. 

But if you team up with an external provider, you can avoid this risk and get a fully scalable staffing solution that can cover your continually changing needs.

Easy setup

When outsourcing IT recruitment, you no longer have to worry about all of the administrative efforts that go into hiring someone like preparing the contract, negotiating the salary, agreeing on the perks and benefits, organizing a new workspace, and providing onboarding, training, and overall management. Sounds like a lot of work, right?

Staff augmentation adds value to your team immediately, because you don't have to waste resources on onboarding or training new hires. Instead, the new team members will be able to start working on your project from the very beginning, saving you lots of time on building your solution and accelerating your time-to-market. 

Unlike an in-house team, which is prone to disruptions due to vacations, sickness, or unforeseen circumstances, an outsourced team guarantees optimal uptime and smooth operation.

Globalization is a fact - embrace it!

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated that process of digital transformation and brought us a world that we thought would become a reality in 5-10 years. 

Digital transformation expanded our local and global capabilities. We can now easily arrange collaborations with clients located on the other side of the globe thanks to a slew of project management, collaboration, and communication tools. At Teams by Sunscrapers, we have been doing that for years - unlike organizations around the world that were forced to implement such solutions right now.

There's no reason for you to keep hiring locally when you can take advantage of the global talent. However, doing that on your own might be difficult since you need to know the local job market really well - not to mention the local regulations, customs, and expectations. That's why partnering with an experienced provider is a great idea that saves you a lot of trouble. 

Staff augmentation in practice: case study

We were approached by a Swedish company specializing in loyalty programs. The company was looking for a partner capable of finding the right people for its development team. The need for new talent was pressing due to a large number of new functionalities in the pipeline and projects for improving the platform. 

Initially, our client was looking to hire a Senior Fullstack Engineer with experience in Django and Vue.js for at least several months, with the possibility of extension if the cooperation was fruitful.

It was important to find someone with strong technical skills, but also able to communicate well and work independently. The platform is very complex, so each developer in the team is responsible for a large part of the code.

Our solution:

Within 4 days, we found a great match: a Senior Fullstack Engineer with over 10 years of experience who had previously worked in autonomous roles and was able to add a lot of value to our client’s team. 

Thanks to an in-depth analysis of the company’s needs and its internal team’s way of working, we were able to find a person who works independently, communicates openly, indicates errors, proposes new solutions, and writes code that is understandable to all of the team members.

At Teams by Sunscrapers, we have many years of experience in providing our clients with skilled professionals who have the right expertise and cultural fit for their companies. They instantly blend in with our clients' teams, and - since they speak fluent English - they have no trouble communicating with everyone. 

If you would like to find out how staff augmentation works in practice, reach out to us!



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