2 lessons about creating value for customers

Lukasz Karwacki - Co-Founder & CEO at Sunscrapers

Lukasz Karwacki

4 August 2015, 2 min read

Here are two lessons about creating added value that can improve the customer's experience. This presentation is a part of Sunscrapers’ weekly tech talks.

What is the purpose of a software development company?

Common answer: To develop great software

“We’re software experts”

“We’ve got 100 iOS developers”

“We never compromise quality”

But is that really the purpose?

Our purpose is not exactly developing great software. We should solve problems using technology.

If we follow this logic, we can quickly understand that:

  • It’s not about developing a patentable recommendation algorithm but rather enabling customers to make better purchasing decisions.
  • It’s not about using the latest framework but rather finding ways to increase application’s speed or reliability.
  • It’s not about us but rather them.


Software development should not be considered as an end in itself but rather as a way of achieving our purpose.

There are two important lessons coming out of this:

Lesson 1: software quality is a required necessity

Lesson 2: software development is meaningless when detached from the business context

A software developer needs to understand client’s business, goals, and motivation in order to make the right decisions.

This presentation is a part of Sunscrapers’ weekly talks. Slides available here: http://www.slideshare.net/sunscrapers/creating-value-for-customers-understanding-context



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