Pykonik Tech Talks #45, Krakow

‘Developer performance best practices’ - A presentation about best practices for boosting performance at work and some lesser known approaches to testing in Python (Vcrpy, Hypothesis, Caplog, and DB speedup).

Scrum Day London 2019, London

‘A self-organising agile team - reality, myth, or utopia?’ - A presentation about agile team self-organisation and how managers can build self-organizing teams with proven methods and practices.

The Next Web Conference 2019, Amsterdam

‘How to grow your company in the times of gig-economy and digital nomadism?’ - This panel will explore the potential approaches companies can take to address workforce challenges like the gig-economy and digital nomadism.

PyLight #13, Warsaw

‘What is happening here? Requests rule the world!’ - A presentation about how requests work, what we can learn from them, and where we can find them.

PyStok #39, Bialystok

‘Metaclasses - developing declarative interfaces’ - A presentation about declarative APIs, in particular about metaclasses – how they work and how to use them for designing such APIs.

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