Once a month we organize a staff party which takes place on Thursday. Why Thursday? This is a new Saturday. People often go out for a weekend and Thursday creates a possibility to have them all. The party has an informal style. After work we go out for dinner, pub crawl or playing games. Sometimes we just organize a barbecue on one of our sunny terraces.

Why do we organize our parties? We usually cooperate in 2-3 person teams and our goal is to integrate people from different projects. What’s more, we try to gather all teammates together including remote guys at least every three months. Our parties make the relationship between them stronger. We’ve already developed the skill to throw the kind of party everyone wants to attend. People get to know each other and talk informally about their passions, plans and journeys. And this is a great way to celebrate little wins for everyone inside the office!

Let the photos tell the story about the workplace where work and fun are connected.

winter crawling


pub crawl


celebrating little wins 🙂


organizing a barbecue


playing foosball




Check out more photos from our monthly team dinners!

Sunscrapers Team

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