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This presentation is a part of Sunscrapers’ weekly talks. The main points include: PostgreSQL types,  HStore vs JSON vs JSONB,  SQLAlchemy, Django.

1. Why?

2. PostgreSQL types:

3. HStore vs JSON vs JSONB

4. SQLAlchemy


6. SQLAlchemy

7. Django ORM


Slides available here:

Przemek Lewandowski

Przemek Lewandowski


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Przemek is a co-founder and CTO of Sunscrapers. He’s a graduate of Warsaw University of Technology which lead him to become a software consultant. At Sunscrapers, Przemek is a technical leader who supervises high-quality service delivery, helps to solve problems and mentors other team members. Przemek is a passionate community activist who organises and speaks at tech events and leads open source projects.