The presentation “PostgreSQL and JSON  with Pythonis part of Sunscrapers’ weekly talks. The main talking points include: PostgreSQL types,  HStore vs JSON vs JSONB,  SQLAlchemy, Django.

1. Why?

  • Schema-less data
  • Schema-unknown data
  • Document storage
  • User-defined schema

2. PostgreSQL types:

  • XML (since 8.2)
  • HStore (since 8.2)
  • JSON (since 9.2)
  • JSONB (since 9.4)

3. HStore vs JSON vs JSONB

  • Only simple key/value pairs
  • No nesting
  • Strings only
  • Indexing
  • Many functions and operators

4. SQLAlchemy

  • Simple validation on input
  • Stored as text (like XML)
  • Preserves key order and duplicates
  • Indexes (only expression index)


  • Full JSON implementation
  • Binary storage
  • No key order or duplicate preservation
  • Fast access operations
  • Indexing
  • No date type!

6. SQLAlchemy

  • PostgreSQL dialect
  • Close to database
  • HStore, JSON, JSONB data types and much more

7. Django ORM

  • HStoreField since 1.8
  • JSONField since 1.9 (uses JSONB)
  • Support for migrations
  • Third party libs like: django-hstore

Slides available here:

Przemek Lewandowski
Przemek Lewandowski
Co-founder & CTO

Przemek is the co-founder and CTO of Sunscrapers. After graduating from the Warsaw University of Technology, he worked as a software consultant. At Sunscrapers, Przemek acts as the technical leader who supervises high-quality service delivery, helps to solve problems, and mentors other team members. Przemek is a passionate community activist, he leads open-source projects, volunteers in projects like Django Girls London, and organizes/speaks at tech events like PyWaw.


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