Data science

8 best practices for data cleaning we swear by

Every business loves its big data. Collecting data is a must for companies that want to uncover valuable insights with data analytics. During the last decade, we’ve witnessed a [...]

Growth & culture Startups

Brand voice in social media

This video is part of Sunscrapers’ weekly talks. Paulina gave a short speech about the magic of language – brand voice in social media and how to stay consistent [...]

Data science

Tech talk: Where to Put Business Logic in Django

This presentation is a part of Sunscrapers’ weekly talks. Michał presents and evaluates different approaches to organising business logic code in a Django Project. Watch it to learn more [...]

Growth & culture

Friendly code review (tech talk)

This presentation is a part of Sunscrapers’ weekly talks. Przemek talks why it’s so important to give a friendly feedback and how to do it efficiently. Let us know [...]

Data science

Wprowadzenie do GIT – Piotr Szpetkowski

Ta prezentacja jest częścią cotygodniowych tech talków w Sunscrapers. Prezentacja stanowi ogólny przegląd GITa i jego podstawowych funkcjonalności. Jeżeli chcesz zacząć pracować z tym systemem kontroli wersji, obejrzyj nasz filmik! Czy prezentacja była [...]

Data science

ES6 for Python developers (tech talk)

This presentation is a part of Sunscrapers’ weekly talks. Kuba talks about new features in ES6 standard and compares it with Python.   Watch the video and let us [...]

Data science

The nature of a computer program (tech talk)

This presentation is a part of our weekly talks. This talk is about relation of computer program to physical world and to human mind. Are programs purely physical? Or [...]

Data science

Fundamental Introduction to Git (tech talk)

This presentation is a brief introduction to Git distributed version control system (DVCS). We will start from configuring the Git CLI and then we discuss how Git works and [...]

Data science

DVCS workflows for teams (tech talk)

This presentation is a part of Sunscrapers’ weekly talks. Slides available here:

Growth & culture

Our work culture: supporting the Python community

What do we love Python for? Python is the most rapidly growing programming language – it has a huge impact on web development, scientific computing and education. Why so [...]

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