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29 December 2022, 5 min read

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Below we explore some of the most popular articles in 2022 which were brought to you by the Sunscrapers team. With topics spanning from Python NLP libraries, Django packages, built-in Python modules, and Ui component libraries in a React project, you were also interested in conditional styles with TypeScript and Agile best practices.

We’ve put together the list. We hope these pieces will continue to help you deepen your knowledge.


8 best Python NLP libraries

Natural language processing (NLP) is a field located at the intersection of data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that – when boiled down to the basics – is all about teaching machines how to understand human languages and extract meaning from text.

Since NLP relies on advanced computational skills, developers need the best available tools that help to make the most of NLP approaches and algorithms for creating services that can handle natural languages.

Why use Python for Natural Language Processing (NLP)? And what are the eight best Python NLP libraries?

Crud (Part 1) & Login & Authentication (Part 2) - The Ultimate Tutorial for Django REST Framework

Joining a project that uses Django REST Framework (DRF) is often stressful because of things like spaghetti code or antipatterns. The DRF documentation is comprehensive and well-organized, which should help eliminate this issue.

In the first part, we showed you how to quickly prepare an API that implements basic CRUD on objects. The second article will show you how to log in to the API and how to regulate permissions.

This article series aims to show Django REST Framework from the general to a detailed overview and help you avoid reinventing the wheel.

Be sure to catch up with the work we’ve completed:

  1. The Ultimate Tutorial for Django REST Framework: Custom Fields (Part 3)

  2. The Ultimate Tutorial for Django REST Framework: Pagination (Part 4)

  3. The Ultimate Tutorial for Django REST Framework: Filtering (Part 5)

  4. The Ultimate Tutorial for Django REST Framework: Functional Endpoints and API Nesting (Part 6)

  5. The Ultimate Tutorial for Django REST Framework: Selective Fields and Related Objects (Part 7)

Or download the whole Sunscrapers Guide to the Django REST Framework.

30 Built-In Python Modules You Should Be Using

One feature of Python that has made it so popular is the sheer number and variety of tools that make a developer’s life easier. Modules and libraries help to speed up the development process, saving your team plenty of time to focus on the business logic or other vital aspects of your project.

Python allows developers to place definitions in a file and use them in a script or an interactive instance of the interpreter. That kind of file is called a module; it’s a file that contains Python definitions and statements.

Read the article to learn the 30 built-in Python modules you should use.

Where to put business logic in Django?

In this post, we wanted to discuss a different approach to organizing business logic code in Django Projects.

The business logic layer prescribes how business objects interact with one another and defines the methods by which these objects can be updated.

So, where do we put business logic in Django? Read four possible solutions with their pros and cons.

10 Django packages you should know

Are you starting a Django project soon? You’re probably wondering whether there are any valuable packages out there that could help you with your projects.

Here’s a list of the most valuable Django packages with links and descriptions to help you get them quickly to work without having to research beforehand.

Ready to explore the world of Django packages? Let's dive in!

How to use Elasticsearch with Django?

Are you building a Django application that needs to search through a massive data set? You might be considering using a standard relational database. You’ll discover that this solution can be slow and problematic when handling advanced requirements. That is where Elasticsearch comes in.

Learn more about How to use Elasticsearch with Django?

When To Use A Ui Component Library In A React Project?

While preparing to kick off a new React project at Sunscrapers, we faced a dilemma about designing and building our UI components from scratch or choosing one of the popular UI component libraries.

We had some exciting discussions on this topic and decided it would be great to gather all those arguments in one place to help you decide on your project.

Read on to determine when a UI component library is good for your project.

7 Agile Best Practices You Should Know

The Agile Manifesto didn’t prescribe daily stand-up meetings or two-week iterations. Instead, it offered a set of core values that put some things over others.

In the article - What is Agile and why it works so well?, we wrote about what Agile is in general and why it works so well for our organization. Here we’d like to present 7 Best Agile Practices that help our teams deliver excellent results.

Styled components - conditional styles with TypeScript

There's a popular library called styled-components. It is also one of the ways to write styles in modern SPA applications in React. You can write actual JS logic inside of them, so your styles can be changed based on props. This allows you to write less duplicated code.

That’s why this library is also quite popular with React Native projects. Learn more.

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