Every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. our team gathers in a conference room to participate in a presentation prepared by one of us. The topic of the speech can concern tech (IT, project management) and soft skills (work culture, communication).

See the complete list of available presentations from our weekly tech talks!

We explain our idea in this post: Our work culture: weekly tech talks.

For a video of each talk, please click on the title below: 

  1. The quickest introduction to Julia (for Pythonistas) – Paweł Święcki
  2. Ansible Deployment Using Python 3 – Piotr Szpetkowski
  3. Storing Personal Names in Database – Piotr Szpetkowski
  4. Brand voice in social media – Paulina Czajkowska
  5. Where to put Business Logic in Django – Michał Nakoneczny
  6. Clean Architecture in Python (web) apps – Przemek Lewandowski
  7. Reactive programming – Jakub Włodaczyk 
  8.  Foundations of Foundation 6 – Jakub Włodaczyk 
  9.  Our work culture – Łukasz Karwacki
  10.  Interruptions at the team level – Łukasz Karwacki
  11.  Creating value for customers – Łukasz Karwacki
  12.  Design focused development – Przemek Lewandowski  
  13.  Going remote!
  14.  Main rules of web design – Dawid Domański 
  15.  Visitors tracking tools – Konrad Hałas
  16.  Quick guide to virtualization – Szymon Teżewski
  17.  Flat Design – Dawid Domański
  18.  Tmux and screen inception 
  19.  Aircraft spotting – Konrad Hałas
  20.  Scrum and XP from the Trenches – Przemek Lewandowski
  21.  Semantic HTML – Szymon Teżewski
  22.  The art of writing emails – Łukasz Karwacki 
  23.  Introduction to ReactJS – Comparison to AngularJS 2 – Robert Piękoś (pl)
  24.  DVCS Workflows for Teams – Bartek Rychlicki
  25.  Swift – Krzysztof Skarupa
  26.  Django ORM – Marcin Markiewicz
  27.  How to justify your recommendation – Łukasz Karwacki
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