The NYC tech scene: an insider’s guide

New York City is often scored one of the least likely cities for HQ2. The Big Apple’s complicated infrastructure, high tax burden, and considerable costs of living, that doesn’t [...]

Startups Web development

6 benefits and 3 challenges of Vue.js

JavaScript frameworks are evolving at an increasing pace, and today developers can take advantage of many different tools that make their lives easier. One of them is Vue.js, a [...]

Web development

First Steps to mastering PWA (Progressive Web App)

You might have seen the acronym PWA (Progressive Web App) popping up all over the place at conferences related to web and mobile technologies for the last few years. [...]

Project management Startups

DIY public relations: How to create PR materials without hiring an agency

An honest story of a founder who takes the risk to develop a product that solves a particular problem is more than enough for an engaging media story.

Web development

Here’s what a typical web development workflow looks like

Are you planning to team up with a software development agency to build a web app? Choosing the best provider can be challenging. After all, there are so many [...]

Python Web development

Our contribution to open source – djoser 0.7 release

We are proud to anounce 0.7 release of djoser! This is one of the biggest releases so far and a result of 2 months of intensive work with more [...]

Project management Startups

How to start a software development project?

Starting a software development project might raise many questions. No matter if it’s a web development or mobile development, you have to know what to expect. Here’s a short [...]

Data science

Setting up HTTPS on Nginx with Certbot and Letsencrypt

Security of our applications is nearly as important as the business logic. As software developers we are completely aware of it. That’s why we follow all the good practices [...]

Data science

Tech talk: Where to Put Business Logic in Django

This presentation is a part of Sunscrapers’ weekly talks. Michał presents and evaluates different approaches to organising business logic code in a Django Project. Watch it to learn more [...]

Growth & culture

Rozmowa rekrutacyjna- czego lepiej nie mówić?

Rozmowa rekrutacyjna jest dla wielu osób stresującym doświadczeniem. Głowa się przegrzewa, ręce pocą, a język plącze. Wiadomo przecież, że w trakcie rozmowy o pracę chcemy przedstawić się jak z [...]

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