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We follow battle-tested Agile frameworks like Scrum and lean software development to deliver high-performing solutions that bring real business value to our clients. Agile Project Management practices support our teams in their constant striving for quality.

What is Agile software development?

Agile is an umbrella term for different methodologies and frameworks united by the common philosophy captured in the Agile Manifesto. Agile development companies like us implement specific frameworks, tools, and practices to maximize team productivity and streamline the process of application development.

Agile comes with several strategic advantages:

cost-effective approach

A cost-effective approach to product development and scaling

predictable schedule

Predictable schedule

improved quality

Improved product quality

value and user focused

Focus on business value and users


Flexibility and readiness for change

high level transparency

High level of transparency and client involvement in the process

deliver features quickly

Delivery of new features quickly and frequently

Here are some of the Agile methodology tactics we include in the daily work of our development teams:

Scrum software development.

We use this lightweight project management framework to manage iterative and incremental projects. We owe the success of our software development process to Scrum's unbeatable simplicity, productivity, and flexibility. It's the best framework in agile methodologies for teams that need to deliver results fast.

Scrum model - software in 2 weeks sprints

Product backlog

We always start by creating an ordered list of tasks the need to be completed to create, maintain, and sustain a product.

Sprint backlog

The sprint backlog is an overview of the development work that will realize the goal of a single sprint - for example, building a specific application feature.

Daily stand-up meetings

Also called daily Scrum, these meetings help the team to plan the day of development work during a sprint. They're also critical to keeping teams productive by removing blockers.

Product increment

This is the sum of all the product backlog tasks completed during a sprint, as well as the value of product increments produced in all the previous sprints.


We pick up stories from the product backlog and commit to executing a set of them during the upcoming sprint. This phase is critical for aligning product goals to company objectives.

Quality assurance sessions

Our entire development teams share the responsibility for maintaining product quality. We focus on the state of the code we built during QA sessions.

Backlog grooming

The product owner and team review backlog items, prioritize them and ensure that the items at the top of the list are ready for delivery.

Client demo

This is a sprint review that takes the form of a demo intended for the client and key company stakeholders to see the progress of their project.

Sprint retrospection

The team reviews the completed work and creates a plan for implementing improvements during the following sprint to ensure that features are delivered in a timely manner.

Lean software development.

This strategy comes in handy for helping the team focus on delivering value to the customer in a timely manner. It's a constantly evolving and flexible methodology that can match a broad range of projects and organizations. Every company that aims to build a successful digital product can reap many benefits from this approach.

Lean Software Development Model

Kanban software.

We use this visual workflow management method to manage product development. It allows us to maintain continuous delivery without overburdening the development team. Kanban is a handy agile methodology for keeping teams on the right track, which is used across the tech community.

Kanban - process of software development

Hire an Agile development company.

Teaming up with an Agile software development team is a smart move. Why? Because Agile methods bring fantastic results. Almost 1 in 4 of the highest performing companies completed projects with Agile or hybrid approaches. (Project Management Institute, 2018).

This is important for us.

Highest quality - icon

Highest quality

Project control - icon

Increased project control and transparency

Getting things done - icon

Excellent product quality

reduced risk of failure - icon

Massively reduced risk of project failure

Higher customer satisfaction

Excellent product quality

Higher customer satisfaction

Higher customer satisfaction


Faster ROI

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Agile Software Development FAQ.

  • What are the benefits of agile software development?

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    Agile software development is based on smaller iterations and increments. Instead of dedicating a lot of time to planning at the beginning of the project, agile methodologies allow teams to change project requirements during the project. Agile also encourages constant feedback from end-users to ensure that the project developed in line with the company's business objectives and customer needs.

    Advantages of Agile software development:

    • Shorter planning cycles allow teams to apply changes during the project easily. Teams can also refine and reprioritize the backlog to help reduce software development costs.
    • It's a perfect approach for projects that don't have a clearly defined end goal.
    • Breaking a project into iterations, the development team focuses on high-quality development and testing. By testing during every iteration means, the team can identify and solve bugs quicker to deliver high-quality software.
    • Frequent communication and face-to-face interactions are key components of agile that foster collaboration.
    • The approach encourages feedback from users and team members throughout the project to help to implement the lessons learned and improve future iterations. That way, customers can have a real impact on the end product.
  • Which web development languages, frameworks, and tools do you use?

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    We use Python as the first-choice backend language, Django as the main framework, and the Django REST Framework for building web APIs. We also use the React stack as the main framework and Node.js as server-side programming in JavaScript.

  • How do you estimate budgets for agile projects?

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    By default, we work in agile environments, mostly using the Scrum framework. That being said, there’s actually no significant difference in budgeting such projects. We work with our development team to prepare a ballpark estimate which showcases the time and price range which we think the project will take and cost, respectively.

    Precise estimates are created thanks to our Product Design process which allows us to understand your business goals, define your value proposition, and design your product from paper mockups, through low-fidelity wireframes up to high-fidelity prototypes. You also receive a product backlog together with the estimate.

  • Who owns the copyright to work delivered by your team?

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    All our work is carried out on a 'work-for-hire' basis, and the Intellectual Property Rights are assigned to the client upon payment.

  • Which cooperation model is the best for building a digital product?

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    Dedicated team and team extension (staff augmentation) works best for existing products that companies want to scale quickly. Outsourcing a software development project to a specialized company is a good solution for every stage of the product development lifecycle - for both building an MVP and scaling an existing product. Another option is consulting services which come in handy at various stages of product development.

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