MVP Development

Bring your startup idea to life with our expert technical advisory, UI & UX design and software development solutions. Capitalise on continued post-launch support with our maintenance and scaling services for continued growth and success.

How it works?

Launch your own startup and become a part of the digital revolution. By leveraging the latest developments in technology, you can build your MVP application effectively and economically, making a smart investment with a huge potential upside.

We apply industry best practices and methodologies such as business model canvas, lean startup and agile project management to deliver Minimum Viable Products in a radically efficient manner.

You can rely on our extensive experience working with startup founders. Our ongoing support and world-class product design and development services will help you find the product-market fit that takes your startup to new levels of success.

By choosing Sunscrapers as your MVP development company, you benefit from our startup experience, software craftsmanship and highly efficient process. You’ll get a solid, scalable product, and we’ll be there to help you grow every step of the way.

The process


Business workshop

We’ll work with you to refine your existing vision, goals and requirements to outline a solid, efficient product development strategy.


Product Design

Create brand consistency with an in-depth look at brand design, the user journey and look and feel of the application.


Software development

We'll develop a working product in sprints. After each sprint, we'll collaborate to review the progress, share learnings, and confirm the priorities for the next iteration.


User testing

We'll ensure your product has merit with continual user testing and feedback gathering to assure the product-market fit and validate your efforts.



With your approval, we’ll make the product accessible to your user base and provide post-launch support to address any upcoming requests as you enjoy the benefits of your new product.


Maintenance, new feature development & scaling

Grow your MVP into a full-fledged product with continued support and guidance, post-launch and beyond.

Core technology stack



Are you ready for your next project?

Whether you need a full product, consulting, tech investment or an extended team, our experts will help you find the best solutions.

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