Software development for startups.

We provide founders with technical expertise and product development know-how to help them create awesome digital products.

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Our approach.

We help startups founders define their vision and turn it into a digital product, supporting them at every step the way.

  • Brief

    The first step in our cooperation is the discussion of your brief. We do that to understand your product better and make sure that we pick the right technologies for realizing your vision.

  • Scoping Sessions or Code Audits

    During scoping sessions, we dedicate our attention to your product scope to build an amazing Minimal Viable Product (MVP). Sometimes founders approach us with a product they want to improve - we start by carrying out a code audit.

  • UI and UX Design

    Our applications are not only functional, but also visually captivating. We take extra care to follow the best UI and UX design practices in developing your product.

  • Product Development:

    - Full-Stack Web and Mobile Development

    Our experts will develop the frontend and backend parts of your application, be it for web or mobile platforms.

    - API Development & Third-Party Service Integration

    We build scalable APIs and smooth integrations with external services to ensure the top performance of your application.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

    Developing your product is just the first step. Next comes its introduction to market. Our project managers will help you build a smart go-to-market strategy.

  • Product Launch

    Launching a product is an amazing moment. But it needs to be backed by thorough planning. With our help, your product is bound to make a splash in your sector.

  • Product Maintenance and Scaling

    We support founders at every step of the way, even once the product is ready and launched on the market. We’ll help you keep your product in great shape and find ways to help it grow.

* The above is just an example. We always adjust our tools and methods to match projects individually - simply because it works!

Startup owners don’t have time to delve deep into the technical details of their project. They need to act quickly and provide quality already at the MVP level. That’s why finding the right tech partner is key - that’s something I’ve learned when developing my own startup. At Sunscrapers, I connect founders with technical experts who can realize their vision.

Pawel Lubiarz

Project Manager at Sunscrapers

Paweł Łubiarz



“Sunscrapers are serious, professional, friendly, and easy to approach. They’re transparent, they work fast and work hard. We are extremely happy with the quality so far.”

Juan Dominguez, Global Director at Quetru

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Software Development For Startups FAQ.

  • How to build a digital product without an in-house team of developers?

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    Many successful startups were built with outsourced software development services. That’s because many startups founder lack expertise in product development and don’t have the technical expertise required to carry out the project of building a digital product. Hiring an in-house team is time-consuming and expensive. Managing such a team is challenging as well. That’s why relying on the expertise of a software development agency is a smart move if you’re a startup owner - they have the experience in building such products and launching them successfully.

  • What is MVP, and how to build it for a startup?

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    A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is an early version of your product that includes only the core features that bring users value and serve as your product's Unique Value Proposition. The best way to build an MVP is by following agile development methodology. That way, you can build your product in short iterations that can be instantly tested with users so that you get their feedback as early as possible in the product development process. An experienced agile development team will know how to prioritize features for your MVP and build with a truly "lean" approach.

  • What experience do you have in startup software development projects?

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    We have delivered over 100 startup projects that range from MVP development to helping teams scale their products efficiently. Our teams have plenty of experience in supporting startups in their road to success - many of our clients have received large amounts of funding in multiple series.

  • Which programming languages are the best for startup products?

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    In general, the most popular programming languages among startups are Python and JavaScript. However, when choosing the technology for your product, consider the skills of your existing technical team, the ecosystem of the language (open-source tools and libraries), and the community surrounding the language.

  • What is your MVP development process?

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    The first step is the discussion of your brief and project requirements. We want to understand your product better to pick the best technology stack. Next comes the scoping session, where we focus on the product scope to build an MVP that brings your users maximum value. Our experts then develop the frontend and backend parts of your application.

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