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Created by Facebook, ReactJS is a powerful JavaScript library that helps development teams to develop apps with outstanding interfaces and user experience. Our developers use this technology to deliver successful digital products for various industries.

Why develop your app with React.js ?

ReactJS is a battle-tested technology that quickly gained traction on the tech scene and is being used by giants such as Netflix, Walmart, Tesla Motors, PayPal, and its creator, Facebook.

Building a unique mobile application can be challenging in today's overcrowded market. But the technology offers development teams a wide range of benefits that help streamline the process of developing mobile applications. React allows developing products that deliver top performance and captivate the app users, supporting the key business objectives of companies that decide to invest in a mobile presence.

We use ReactJS to help our clients create memorable experiences for their customers through well-designed and high-performing mobile applications.

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Benefits of React.js

Developer tools - Icon

Developer tools

The ReactJS ecosystem includes many design and debugging tools that help development teams build clean user interfaces and app features fast. The high development speed is critical for boosting the application's time to market.

Active community - Icon

Active community

The technology is surrounded by a community of passionate developers who contribute to its growth. A development team working on a mobile application can rely on quality resources and tools prepared by top experts in the field and tech giants like Facebook.

Reusable components - Icon

Reusable components

The library comes with numerous components that are ready to use for developers. They help to accelerate the process of custom software development. Moreover, they make the development and maintenance of mobile apps much easier.

Virtual DOM - Icon

Virtual DOM

ReactJS uses a virtual DOM to build the high performance and smooth user experience for which it's known in the tech scene. The virtual DOM is a key innovation the library brought to mobile development.

Simple syntax - Icon

Simple syntax

JSX is a syntax extension to JavaScript that developers use to describe what the user interface should look like. JSX combines JavaScript and HTML into a powerful source for writing simpler and cleaner code.

Easy to learn and use - Icon

Easy to learn and use

This handy library comes with a substantial supply of learning resources like documentation, books, and tutorials. That makes the development process faster as well; ReactJS developers can easily solve problems and face new challenges with the support of the entire community.

Mobile app development with
React.js - our way.

We provide ReactJS development services focused on delivering the highest quality of code. To achieve that, we follow battle-tested practices and industry standards. That's how our team builds digital products aligned with the strategic goals of our clients.

Clean code - Icon

Clean code

We take extra care to ensure that the code you get is free of any bugs, errors, or inconsistencies. Our team has a solid testing process in place that helps us build clean and high-performing apps.

Smart solutions - Icon

Smart solutions

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We take advantage of ready-made components to focus on what really matters. That's how we accelerate the development process and deliver an application that gives you a competitive advantage.

Separation of concerns - Icon

Separation of concerns

When developing an application with ReactJS and other technologies, we always follow the Single Responsibility Principle. That's how we build a codebase that is easy to understand and ready for potential changes.

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RED Interactive Agency
Building an Ad Tech product for one of the top US digital agencies.
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Sunscrapers has played a critical role in the development of Velvet, providing us with unmatched talent, support, guidance, and stability over the years. Not only do they complete the work that’s asked of them to the highest standard, they help define what that work should be, how best to approach it.

Zach Glass
Zach Glass
VP of Operations at Red Interactive
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